Isolation Gown, PP+PE Material, Level 2 + 3

$1.09 - $1.49 / each

  • Depending on order size and terms
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  • PP+PE Material
  • AAMI Level 2 or Level 3 available
  • Ultrasonic seams
  • Knitted cuffs
  • Fully closed with ties
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Available in yellow or blue
  • Info kit available upon request

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What Is an AAMI Level 2 PP+PE Gown?

Polypropylene gowns, also known as PP+PE gowns, are constructed from polypropylene material and coated in polyethylene. As a result, these gowns offer enhanced fluid resistance and protection, particularly in a healthcare setting.

Gowns rated as Level 2 receive approval from the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). This professional organization sets the standard for surgical gowns as well as various other forms of PPE. In order to receive a Level 2 rating, isolation gowns must:

  • Successfully cover critical body zones — including the sleeves and chest — from splash and spray hazards.
  • Comply with ASTM F2407 gown durability standards.
  • Meet AAMI standards for both pressure and penetration resistance.

Many healthcare facilities buy Level 2 polypropylene gowns for use in situations with low risk of blood or bodily fluid contamination.

The Benefits of Level 2 PP+PE Material Gowns

Level 2 PP+PE material gowns are designed to offer basic to low level liquid penetration protection. These gowns are easy to put on and remove as a layer of protection between employees’ clothing and potentially hazardous splashes and sprays. Our isolation gowns are also breathable and lightweight, creating a comfortable protective layer for workers to wear throughout the day.

Healthcare facilities stock up on Level 2 polypropylene gowns in bulk for many reasons. The benefits of outfitting your hospital with this crucial form of PPE include:

  • Protection during patient interactions: Level 2 isolation gowns are most commonly worn by healthcare workers during interactions with patients. These scenarios typically include examinations, treatment and minimally invasive procedures with a low risk of bodily fluid contamination.
  • Disease control: Our durable, wear-resistant gowns shield the wearer from coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens and other potentially hazardous material. Proper usage can help reduce the spread of infections in the workplace.

Why Buy Level 2 Polypropylene Gowns From SUNLINE Supply?

Protecting staff and patients from exposure to diseases, including COVID-19, is a priority for all healthcare facilities. Our vital PPE makes it easy and affordable to create a healthier workplace. Level 2 isolation gowns help to reduce the risk of contamination from liquid hazards, especially when worn with other forms of PPE.

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