Isolation Gown, Level 2 (Open Back) – Carton of 150 Gowns

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  • $58.50/carton
  • 150 gowns/carton
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  • Level 2 ANSI/AAMI
  • CE certified
  • Impervious CPE material, excellent fluid repellent
  • Features open-back and long sleeves
  • Heat or ultrasonic seam
  • Thumb loop wrists feature elastic for a good gown and glove fit
  • Latex-free
  • Standard blue color

Applications for Level 2 Open Back Isolation Gowns

Open back isolation gowns are one-time-use PPE that shields wearers from contact with hazardous liquids and materials. Users wear isolation gowns over their regular work attire as an added layer of protection. When safe to do so, the gown is removed and disposed of using proper procedures to prevent cross-contamination.

Level 2 open back isolation gowns are most common in the healthcare sector and provide two key types of protection. First, they protect doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and visitors from potential exposure. They also safeguard vulnerable, at-risk patients from contact with any harmful microorganisms potentially carried by the wearer.

Open back isolation gowns are one of the first lines of defense against exposure to COVID-19. The CDC lists isolation gowns as part of the recommended PPE when dealing with potential COVID-19 patients. The gown captures any infected biological fluids, helping the wearer provide necessary care with significantly less risk.

The FDA controls the testing procedures that verify and validate gown performance. They have uniform recommendations for ANSI/AAMI Level 2 open back isolation gowns that determine whether they deliver the right amount of protection. Gowns that meet specific requirements are rated to keep people safe from potential exposure in minimal-risk scenarios, such as in-person patient consultations and administering primary care.

Level 2 open back isolation gowns are also a simple way to protect visitors in your facility. You can provide these gowns to visitors when they enter the building for their safety and peace of mind.

FDA-Approved Bulk Open Back Isolation Gowns

At SUNLINE Supply, we offer bulk open back isolation gowns that meet the strict FDA standards for certification. These gowns feature full sleeves and an open back, with the front providing complete torso protection. They are easy to put on and comfortable to wear, helping encourage better compliance from staff, employees, patients and visitors.

Our gowns are manufactured from chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) — an impermeable thermoplastic material. They are latex-free and sealed using heat and ultrasonic technology to ensure a complete and total protection barrier. They come in a standard medical-blue with various sizes to match your workforce demands.

Buy Open Back Isolation Gowns in Bulk Today

We make it easy to get all the PPE you need at any time. Browse our online PPE store to find open back isolation gowns and a wide assortment of other FDA-certified PPE at competitive prices.

We maintain a massive international network that is capable of producing and delivering bulk open back isolation gowns quickly and reliably. If your request exceeds our on-hand inventory, our manufacturing partners can expedite production to ensure you have the PPE you need within weeks. Request your bulk order today!

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