3-Ply Masks – Box of 50 Masks

All quantities at $.03 / mask

  • $1.50 / box
  • 50 masks/box
  • 40 boxes/carton


  • 20 cases/pallet
  • ASTM level 1 available
  • Disposable flat mask, mid-size
  • This product contains of non-woven fabrics, melt blown fabrics and nose clips
  • Suitable for people to cover their mouth, nose and jaw to prevent harmful particles
  • Recommended for one-time use

The Importance of Wearing Medical Disposable Face Masks

As recommended by the CDC, face masks are an indispensable way to protect the wearer as well as others in close proximity from transferring or coming into contact with viral pathogens. Many healthcare settings benefit from having various face mask options on hand for use in different health risk zones.

SUNLINE Supply’s selection of lightweight disposable medical face masks provides a seamless solution for facilities looking to increase their supply.

Explore the Features and Benefits of Disposable Masks

Designed to fit loosely on a wearer’s face, disposable masks offer protection in numerous ways. Multiple layers of fabric provide a barrier against harmful splashes, droplets and sprays. The mask is also capable of filtering out large particles in the air, reducing the risk of coming in contact with airborne pathogens. It also minimizes the risk of hand-to-face contact. Finally, disposable masks can protect others by reducing any potential exposure to the wearer’s salivary or respiratory secretions.

Our disposable masks feature:

  • Adjustable design: Each mask is adjustable thanks to a nose clip that can be pinched tightly and elastic bands that can be looped behind a wearer’s ears.
  • Multilayer protection: A three-ply layer design helps to repel bodily fluids, filter large pathogens and absorb moisture from exhaled air for well-rounded protection.
  • Multiple ASTM levels: SUNLINE Supply distributes disposable masks in ASTM levels 1, 2 and 3, depending on your safety requirements.

Why Buy Disposable Face Masks in Bulk From SUNLINE Supply?

SUNLINE Supply sets the standard for premium quality face masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes and more at competitive prices. As an FDA-approved company, we carry only the highest quality products that comply with industry safety standards.

With more than 90 years of experience as an industry-leading global distributor, we are prepared to handle any crisis. When you partner with SUNLINE Supply, you’ll be able to outfit your hospital or business with disposable masks in bulk at the speed you need.

Have a custom order in mind? Reach out to our team for assistance. We can guide you toward a bulk order that meets your requirements and aligns with your budget.

Additional information

Weight 0.52 lbs
Dimensions 7.68 × 3.94 × 3.15 in

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