KN95 Masks – Black – 50 Per Box

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  • 50 masks / box

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  • Disposable mask w/ ear loop
  • Adjustable nose clips
  • Single use, disposable, protection against dust, small particles in air, pollen, droplets and others
  • Use for daily protection
  • Info kit available upon request

Pallet Info

  • 50 masks/box

Why Stock Up on KN95 Masks?

The novel coronavirus has led to an unprecedented surge in protective face coverings for use in both the public and private sectors. Health experts recommend that those in medical settings, as well as other high-risk zones, wear KN95 face masks to achieve a greater level of protection.

Known for filtering out both small and large airborne particles, KN95 masks are an effective barrier against the coronavirus as well as many other airborne pathogens. Medical facilities can stock up on KN95 masks with easy bulk ordering from SUNLINE Supply.

KN95 Mask Health and Safety Features

KN95 masks include numerous features designed to enhance health and safety. The coronavirus has been shown to transmit from person to person through respiratory secretions, making coughing, sneezing or talking a potential health hazard. Experts have recommended KN95 masks as an effective solution to prevent the inhalation of these viral airborne pathogens.

SUNLINE Supply’s KN95 masks offer a variety of features and benefits:

  • Disposable design: Our masks are designed for one-time use, enhancing sanitization and reducing the risk of transferring bacteria throughout multiple uses.
  • Adjustable fit: Each product is comprised of non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric and interior nose clips. This multilayered approach and tight seal ensures the mask can adhere closely to the wearer’s face. Each mask is CE certified as a suitable form of PPE to prevent wearers from coming into contact with harmful particles through their mouth and nose.
  • Fluid resistance: KN95 face masks use fluid-resistant materials, enhancing their ability to filter infectious particles.

Black KN95 Face Masks for a Professional Look

Our black KN95 masks for sale are available in different bulk quantities to meet your team’s needs. The all-black exterior materials hold their shape for hours at a time, and you’ll find our PPE is effective for maintaining a professional appearance no matter your setting or task.

Shop black KN95 face masks from SUNLINE Supply since our solutions match all employee uniforms. The face masks are excellent for putting your best foot forward, as the all-black surfaces will not show dirt or sweat even after hours of use. The masks are lightweight and fit all adult face shapes for a comfortable wearing experience.

Choose our black KN95 masks for workers in healthcare, education, industrial fields and others. Our PPE products are versatile to protect your most valuable assets — your employees. Keep a large supply of our black KN95 face masks in the workplace to stay prepared. These masks are also easy to store for convenience.

Why Buy PPE From SUNLINE Supply?

SUNLINE Supply is known for carrying the highest-rated personal protective equipment on the market. We offer competitively low prices on all of our KN95 protective face masks for sale, as well as other vital PPE. Our full line of medical PPE and other supplies, including KN95 face masks and face shields, will equip your staff with the protective gear they need to stay safe in a high-risk environment.

Our around-the-clock sales availability and bulk options mean medical facilities can order and receive the crucial equipment they need quickly and reliably. If you need to outfit your hospital in an emergency, you can count on SUNLINE Supply for fast shipping speed and unmatched product quality.

Have a special request? Our team will go above and beyond to expedite your order and ensure you receive the products you need on a tight timeline. No matter your requirements, you can trust our team to help you create a bulk order that meets your needs. We source the highest quality PPE to protect against the spread of illness. Take advantage of our 24/7 availability and reliable distribution system when you order our KN95 safety masks for sale.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 15.3 × 3 in

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Hanako W.
Hanako W.
17:50 07 Jun 23
Sunline Supply has been my go-to for PPE supplies since the pandemic. Ordering is so easy and they have always been so accommodating to our needs.
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S.
15:56 06 Jun 23
Great product, gloves are sturdy and don't rip easily. Great price and quick shipping. I recommend for any needed gloves.
Glenn E.
Glenn E.
14:49 19 May 23
Super quick delivery of >460 kits and at a good price. I've already mentioned them to some peers. The biggest drawback was the box expiration date was a year in arears causing user questions, although online Sunline stated the expiration had been extended.
Maria B.
Maria B.
15:56 16 May 23
My name is Jason Brown and I own the State of Maine Glove Company. If I need gloves that are as good as mine and at a great price I use Sunline Supply. Great company, excellent customer service!!
Sanitations U.
Sanitations U.
22:26 02 May 23
Great delivery time
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Emily F.
13:17 25 Apr 23
Covid tests arrived really fast and well priced
13:12 25 Apr 23
Geat place to do business with. Switched to them 10 months ago. NO REGREATS. 5 STARS
Fran L.
Fran L.
15:00 23 Apr 23
Good product Nitrile Gloves and lowest price we have found. Their customer service and attention to making sure the customer is happy, exceeds what is found now days with most supplier. Thank you Connie. Definitely recommend.
Wade E.
Wade E.
19:55 20 Apr 23
Fast delivery!
Ingrid G.
Ingrid G.
18:37 04 Apr 23
Service was very efficient and fast.
Mike L.
Mike L.
14:26 17 Mar 23
Easy website to navigate and fast shipping.
Laurie M.
Laurie M.
19:55 16 Mar 23
Very nice to work with and understanding.will be using them more often now. They were fantastic working with an issue and I appreciate this company and the people that work there
Lola W.
Lola W.
22:16 14 Mar 23
The order came quickly and I'm very satisfied. The Gentleman I spoke to was very nice and helpful.

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