COVID-19 Virtual Testing Program

Starting as low as $5.99 / test

Our EUA-approved virtual testing program provides an informative and efficient solution for your company by ensuring your employees are reporting their OTC testing appropriately.

For more information regarding our virtual testing program, please see our Testing Platform Brochure.


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The employee COVID-19 testing program is designed to make testing and test result reporting easier for companies, helping them stay safe and compliant with regulations. Any organization that needs repeat testing for a company or compliance tracking can use this virtual COVID-19 testing program to send reminders to employees, get updates about test results and more.

What Does the COVID-19 Virtual Clinic and Monitoring Program Do?

This virtual antigen testing program gives companies a tool to manage testing at their organization. For a small per-test fee, you can ensure employees are testing OTC rapid test results accurately. The program does everything from sending test invitations and reminders to retesting invitations and tracking results.

Why Choose the COVID-19 Virtual Testing Program?

A virtual program makes it easy to monitor each employee’s test and results separately and ensure accurate results.

You can set up this program in a few hours and have all the data you need at your fingertips, so you know if and when a positive COVID-19 test may affect your company. You can support your employees in getting tested in all scenarios, whether they must travel for work or work directly in the field. Should health authorities in your area require confirmation of testing, this virtual program can help show compliance.

Best of all, this program is built by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in medical tech. This program is designed for customization and can meet your specific needs. It integrates with existing systems while meeting all privacy and security requirements thanks to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) security framework.

How to Use the Virtual Testing Program

Setting up the program is easy. You can always call (866) 217-7920 for step-by-step support. Once the program is in place, your employees can use their mobile devices to log in, where a simple dashboard leads them through testing invitations, finding a testing site or support for at-home testing and results confirmation.

A virtual testing program ensures you can stay compliant with the evolving COVID-19 protocols and regulations. With a virtual program, your organization can keep track of testing while saving time, allowing you to focus on business and not on testing.

Why Buy a COVID-19 Virtual Testing Program from SUNLINE Supply?

SUNLINE Supply is FDA-certified and committed to offering the highest-quality and most innovative products from FDA-certified vendors. The virtual testing program is EUA-approved and designed with companies in mind, created to accommodate small businesses and corporations alike.

SUNLINE Supply is pleased to offer the support your organization needs for your virtual program. Just call (866) 217-7920 to learn how to implement this program at your company. With a low price, 24/7 access to employee test results and scalability to let you test as few or as many employees as you need to, this program can accommodate changing workplaces and the evolving business world right now.

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