What Makes an Antigen Test Best?

The 4 Best Rapid Antigen Testing Kits  

Combating COVID-19 relies on accurate, fast testing to reduce transmission of the virus. The best home COVID-19 tests allow individuals to monitor themselves at home or in the workplace, keeping an eye on symptoms so they can seek medical care if needed.

At SUNLINE Supply, we understand you need the best at-home rapid COVID-19 test for accuracy and reliability.

What Makes an Antigen Test Best?

What Makes an Antigen Test Best?

Antigens are molecules that trigger your body’s immune response. They are found on bacteria or virus exteriors. Antigen tests detect active SARS-CoV-2 infection, and they are often used for screening by looking for antigen markers in an individual’s throat or nasal fluids.

Antigen tests are a top choice because they are: 

  • Affordable: Your tests must fit your budget so you can order as many of them as you need.
  • Available: Look for tests that are currently in stock and allow you to start testing fast.
  • Accurate: Some antigen tests have accuracy rates of over 80%, reducing the risk of false positives or missed instances of virus exposure.
  • Easy to use: Consider whether you want an antigen test that takes swabs from the throat or from the nose. Look for tests with instructions that are clear so your team can follow them. 
  • Recognized: Only buy antigen tests from approved and certified vendors to ensure safe and accurate tests.
  • Fast: Rapid antigen tests can produce results in as little as 15 to 30 minutes.

Top 4 Antigen COVID-19 Testing Kits

The four top antigen testing kits offered by SUNLINE Supply include:

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Choose SUNLINE Supply for Reliable Antigen Tests and PPE
Ryen Neuman - Vice President of Business Development