Disposable Gloves by Color

Choosing the Right Disposable Glove Color for You

At SUNLINE Supply, our disposable gloves come in several different colors. While you can choose colors based on branding or personal preference, colored disposable gloves can actually help medical staff and workers in other industries stay safe.

Disposable gloves come in many shades. Our latex gloves’ colors include white, clear, blue and more. Common vinyl gloves’ colors are blue and black, while typical nitrile gloves; colors include white, black and blue. Some TPE gloves can be purchased in blue, black and clear.

What Are the Uses of Different Colored Disposable Gloves?

When you have different glove colors at your business, you can color-code your PPE and help your staff avoid cross-contamination. For example, you may designate one color of gloves for one area or task and another color for different tasks or areas. This method gives staff a visual glue to change gloves between tasks and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

In higher-risk situations, medical workers may double-glove. In those instances, using two gloves of contrasting colors can alert staff if the top glove has been torn or compromised. With this signal, the staff member can put on new gloves before dangerous substances reach their skin. Using different colors during double-gloving procedures can improve safety.

If your organization uses multiple types of gloves, such as surgical and non-surgical gloves or latex and non-latex disposable gloves, using different colors for each type can help ensure workers use the right glove for the application at hand.

Even if your enterprise uses all nitrile or all vinyl gloves, you can color-code by task. In the food industry, staff may designate one color for use with raw meat. When a staff member moves from cutting raw meat to working with vegetables, they’re more likely to notice they are wearing the “wrong” color for the task. The visual notification will remind them to switch gloves and prevent cross-contamination.

SUNLINE Supply Helps You Color Code Your Disposable Gloves

In addition to our wide inventory of gloves of all types and colors, SUNLINE Supply is an FDA-certified company. We carefully select gloves and other PPE of the highest caliber so you can shop with confidence when you buy from us. We offer 24/7 purchasing and bulk shopping for your convenience. We keep many items in stock to fill orders quickly and our range of glove colors to help you color-code your equipment. Browse our gloves and PPE, order today orcontact us with your questions.