Health and Safety Supplies for Businesses

Whenever groups of people gather in close proximity, there is always a chance that bacteria and illnesses can spread from person to person.

Safety supplies aren't only needed among frontline workers in high-risk environments such as hospitals; it's needed for businesses across every industry in order to continue keeping workers safe. SUNLINE Supply carries a versatile range of health and safety supplies designed to safeguard workers everywhere, from the corporate office to industrial and construction environments.

The Importance of A Healthy Workplace

As individuals across many industries gradually begin to return to work, PPE can make a world of difference in keeping us all safe. When used in conjunction with other prevention methods — like social distancing, frequent handwashing and regular testing — wearing personal protection equipment can help prevent exposure and slow the spread of diseases like COVID-19. PPE can include apparel such as gloves, face shields, goggles, face masks and respiratory protective gear.

Why is PPE so vital to a safe return to work? Wearing protective equipment can:

  • Provide a line of defense against airborne infectious germs: Sneezes and coughs can send up to 100,000 airborne droplets to a distance of approximately six feet. Wearing face masks and shields helps stop the spread of these germs, minimizing the risk of exposure and infection.
  • Protect germs from being spread through contact: Quality gloves protect a wearer from picking up and spreading infectious material when touching affected surfaces.
  • Slow the spread of communicable diseases: By reducing the risk of catching a disease by airborne or contact means, PPE plays a role in flattening the curve. This will help prevent further outbreaks, boost productivity in the workplace and keep our communities healthy.

Before bringing employees back to the workplace, employers should consider a number of factors to ensure they are taking the right approach to PPE:

  • What type of mask best suits your industry and workplace?
  • Will PPE will be considered voluntary or required?
  • Will the employer or employees be responsible for providing PPE?
  • Will the PPE in question potentially impact any job requirements or tasks?
  • Will the masks be reusable, and if not, how will they be sanitized?

Safety Supplies for Offices

Many office buildings have open floor plans, which can be fantastic for productivity but problematic during a pandemic. Shared computer equipment, communal desks and close proximity provide plenty of opportunities for germs to stick and spread on hard surfaces. As a result, you may encounter a higher rate of workplace illness — costing your business valuable time, money and productivity, as well as risking the safety of your employees and clients. 

Quality COVID-19 PPE for office workers provides an effective solution. Businesses operating in the corporate sector can promote a healthier environment, reduce the risk of illness and create a comfortable environment for customers by incorporating PPE into the workplace.

SUNLINE Supply offers a variety of PPE for corporate office employees. Outfit your office with hgih-quality equipment such as:

Other recommended methods include applying hand sanitizer before and after using shared equipment, installing dividers between workspaces and encouraging employees to stay home if they experience any common symptoms.

Health and Safety Supplies for Healthcare

PPE for healthcare workers is an essential step to flattening the curve and keeping our communities safe. Personal protective equipment serves as a vital tool for helping healthcare workers do their job safely while on the frontlines. Medical PPE is designed to protect the wearer from coming into contact with dangerous pathogens like the coronavirus, as well as many other bacteria and viruses. In addition to protecting healthcare workers, PPE can also safeguard patients from exposure during their treatment and recovery in the hospital.

Proper supply and use of PPE can help companies in the healthcare field to:

  • Avoid and reduce workplace sickness
  • Remain in compliance with health and safety guidelines
  • Encourage peace of mind for employees, patients and their families
  • Promote productivity and workplace satisfaction

Within a healthcare setting, OSHA recommends that workers wear a combination of PPE, including:

  • Gloves: SUNLINE Supply offers bulk shipping on nitrile gloves, which provide superior strength and resistance to chemicals compared to latex, vinyl and rubber.
  • Gowns: Our gowns and suits are designed to protect healthcare workers from pathogens and infected bodily fluids.
  • Face protection:Goggles or face shields keep workers safe from chemicals or infected fluids coming into contact with their faces and eyes.
  • Face masks: Outfit your hospital with 3 ply or 5 ply face masks designed to protect against contact with contagious airborne germs.

Supplies for Industrial Companies

Another industry that has a high demand for personal protective equipment is the industrial sector. PPE for industrial workers is vital to creating a safe workplace environment.

In this industry, the need is two-fold. In a time of global health crisis, industrial workers need protective equipment more than ever to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the coronavirus. Proper PPE, such as face masks and gloves, can impact industrial companies in a number of ways:

  • Reduce worker sickness and subsequent lapses in productivity
  • Mitigate the effects of interrupted supply and delivery
  • Ensure customers and clients feel safe

Beyond the health factor, industrial workers require PPE for general workplace safety. Those in the construction or oil and gas industry, for example, face serious health risks as their jobs often entail handling hazardous materials and working in dangerous breathing environments. Quality PPE is designed to keep employees safe from contact with dangerous chemicals and environmental hazards.

For industrial workplaces, personal protective equipment should cover every area of the body, including hands and feet, eyes, ears, noses and faces. PPE also commonly includes body coverage in the form of hazmat suits and reflective vests. To meet these needs, SUNLINE Supply carries a range of PPE for industrial workers. Browse our full line of PPE including gloves, goggles and disposable masks designed to protect workers' eyes, lungs and skin.

With the right equipment in place, workers can complete their tasks without taking unnecessary risks. Keep your workplace productive, healthy and effective with a steady supply of all the PPE you need.

Order Your Health and Safety Supplies for Business in Bulk Today

One of the most effective ways to resume your standard business operations safely is by implementing quality health and safety supplies in your workplace. We carry only the highest rated personal protective equipment for businesses across all industries from coast to coast. Our competitive bulk pricing and superior shipping speed mean your choice of safety supplies can be on its way to your workplace in no time.

Reach out to SUNLINE Supply today to request a quote today.

Hear From Our Customers

I wanted to write you a little note telling you that I appreciate you and your company providing my agency, as well as other local agencies, with KN95 masks that we were in desperate need of. They were received and deployed to my officers for immediate use in the field.  I realize that the delivery was somewhat delayed, however you were in constant communication with me and assured that it would come, which it did. The masks were exactly what you advertised, KN95. As you know, the masks were ordered also contained orders for neighboring Police Departments in Berks County. I was pleased to be able to distribute them as promised.  Again, thank you for your attentiveness through the process. Whenever I needed a question answered you were right there. Thank you for providing the PPE that was desperately needed.

Madison Winchester

Chief of Police, Cumru Township Police Dept.

We are so grateful to have partnered up with Arnold’s to provide our PPE. Their response was prompt and we were able to receive our supplies in less time than anticipated. The quality was great and the customer service was prime, highly recommended.

Diana Melgar

Office Services Supervisor, CBRE Houston

I am beyond impressed with your entire team’s passion, endurance, grit and get it done attitude  over the past 3 weeks plus. Jay you driving around the city personally dropping off masks to me  and others, Jordan I heard all about your staying up for days working on logistics to fly the  product to the US. Robin you working 7 days a week and sleeping with one eye open.  This afternoon  when your truck drove into the Philadelphia Police Academy’s driveway, you put smiles on the faces of the all of the police watching, and in particular, Inspector Verdell Johnson. Verdell isn’t just  a high-level Police commander, Verdell is also a nurse. Bringing in 25,000 KN-95 masks made him think of how these masks were going to save lives in hospitals and within the Philly PD.  You know we will all remember 2020 as the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic year. Some people will remember 2020  as the year that they jumped in and saved lives. Those people will be you Jay, Jordan, Robin, and  your entire TEAM.  From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the organizations I represent – Penn Medicine, Penn Police and the Phila Police….THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING TO MAKE A  DIFFERENCE!

Maureen S Rush, M.S., CPP

Vice President for Public Safety - Superintendent of Police, Philadelphia Police Department

AuBurn Pharmacy is very happy with the shipment of KN95 masks we received form Arnolds! I want to thank you for reaching out to me when you first started selling them. We would have been playing catch up if you would have not contacted me. I know I can always trust in what you are selling to be of high quality and exactly what you say it is.

Eric Klein

Logistics and Facility Manager, AuBurn Pharmacy Corporate Office

On behalf of Christine Battaglia Meyer, President of Battaglia Associates, Inc. and Jim Meyer, President of Battaglia Electric, Inc. I am writing to sincerely thank you for going to great lengths to provide our family of companies with KN95 masks.

As an essential business in the electrical utility, high, medium and low voltage space, our teams have been dedicated to supporting our customers 24/7 during this uncertain and critical time. Your relentless and successful pursuit of masks afforded our teams the peace of mind needed to ‘keep the lights on.’

We are most grateful to you and the Sunline and Arnold’s family for your dedication and partnership. We will certainly not forget your dedication to safety and well-being.

April Lewis

Business Development, Battaglia Integrated Technologies

Yesterday was an incredible day! Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence led an effort to provide relief to families in our programs across Southeastern Pa and Southern NJ. We partnered with Arnold's Office Furniture, Lloyd A. Freeman and Delta Epsilon Boule of Sigma Phi Fraternity Inc., Gary Jonas and The HOW Group, Kenneth Wellar with Rittenhouse Realty Advisors and Greystone, Vertex Inc, GIANT Food Stores, Pepperoncini Conshohocken Restaurant & Catering, Persevere On Purpose, and Wawa to donate essential items.

A sincere and heartfelt "Thank You" to the 45 volunteers that helped gather, organize, load, and deliver 100 packages and 300 meals to families in need. Each package contained non-perishable foods, sandwiches, fruits, water, F95 disposable masks, toiletries, cookbooks, Wawa coupons, puzzles, games and more!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence

Thanks Robin and Sunline Supply for the fast and efficient delivery of disposable masks.  As a medical device manufacture our company has been able to provide masks to our entire staff for both their professional and personal needs.

Bob Kramer

President/CEO, Microcision LLC

CargoTrans is a Supply Chain Manager that has worked closely with Arnold’s Office Furniture/Sunline USA throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic to manage daily orders of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from Asia to various worldwide destinations. Together we have provided door-to-door solutions for their customers, which include police departments, prisons, medical centers and other critical end users of PPE.

We would highly recommend Arnold’s Office Furniture as a leader with PPE distribution that has a proven track-record for sourcing, compliance (foreign government regulations, U.S. FDA, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, etc.), financing and logistics (including fulfillment).

Arnold’s Office Furniture has been providing their customers with manufacturing solutions for over 40 years and CargoTrans has been supporting exporters and importers to ensure that their delivery commitments are met for over 30 years. You can be assured that our combined networks can handle orders of any size.

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend Arnold’s Office Furniture/Sunline USA as your source for PPE.

Nunzio De Filippis

CEO, CargoTrans, Inc.