How Often Should Office Deep Cleaning Happen?

How Often Should Office Deep Cleaning Happen?

While offices may not face the debris and heavy metals or chemicals of many manufacturing and industrial plants, they still may need more cleaning than many people realize. Proper cleaning, including deep cleaning regularly, presents a professional, welcoming atmosphere for visitors and employees and improves indoor air quality.

Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning happens daily or every few days. It includes wiping down surfaces, vacuuming floors and general tidying up to make an office look presentable. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, goes beyond general cleaning duties and can involve:

  • Steam cleaning draperies, floors and upholstery to remove stains.
  • Cleaning grout.
  • Applying stain treatments as needed.
  • Moving heavy furniture to clean behind them.
  • Cleaning floors and refinishing or sealing them if needed.
  • Replacing air filters.
  • Cleaning air ducts.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning office equipment, including computers, copiers, printers and other machinery.

Deep cleaning goes beyond keeping visible areas tidy and instead focuses on getting rid of stains, grit and other debris that may be missed with general cleaning.

When Should You Schedule an Office Cleaning?

Cleaning the office generally takes place daily or weekly, depending on the needs of the office, the number of people who visit and other factors.

An office deep cleaning is more intensive. An office with many people and lots of visitors may need deep cleaning once a month, especially if there are carpets. A small office with few visitors and few workers may only need a deep clean once or twice a year, often at the change of a season, such as before winter. The average office could benefit from a deep cleaning every other month or twice yearly.

Deep Cleaning Office Checklist

Learning how to clean an office building is simpler when you use this checklist:

  • Disinfect surfaces that are touched often, such as door handles and frames, desks, counters, railings, light switches and other surfaces.
  • Disinfect drinking fountains and water coolers.
  • Replace filters in the HVAC system and any machine with filters.
  • Spot-treat any stains.
  • Clean in and around waste and recycling containers inside and outside the office.
  • Clean windows and windowsills.
  • Disinfect and deep clean baseboards or ducts.
  • Professionally clean all electronics and machinery in the office according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Remove any cobwebs or dust from lights and light fixtures and clean the lights carefully.
  • Detail vacuum and clean edges and corners.
  • Move any larger pieces of furniture to tidy under and behind them.
  • Polish mirrors and mirrored surfaces.
  • Clean doorways and door jambs.
  • Detail clean bathrooms, including each stall or urinal.
  • Detail the elevator or stairs.

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Ryen Neuman - Vice President of Business Development