Gloves for First Responders

Gloves for First Responders

First responders such as police, EMS and firefighters rely on protective equipment, including quality gloves, to keep them safe from exposure to bodily fluids, chemicals, potential illicit drugs and other harmful substances. SUNLINE Supply strives to provide first responders with the best disposable gloves from vendors. 

Applications of Disposable Gloves for First Responders

When first responders respond to an emergency, they may be dealing with hazardous materials, sharp objects, a potential crime scene or vulnerable populations, all of which require specific personal protective equipment (PPE). While each first responder has unique job hazards, they all need protective gloves to stay safe while dealing with the general public: 

  • Law enforcement: Disposable gloves for law enforcement are important to protect police from fentanyl and other dangerous substances while also preserving potential crime scenes from contamination. 
  • Emergency medical services (EMS): Disposable gloves can protect patients and keep professionals safe from illicit drugs and infectious diseases. 
  • Firefighting: Disposable gloves are important to help preserve evidence at a scene of arson and protect firefighters from fire accelerants and other harmful substances that may be present. 
Best Disposable Gloves for First Responders

Best Disposable Gloves for First Responders

Knowing what gloves first responders use is important for choosing the right option for your needs. It depends on the application, but in general, nitrile gloves are the best disposable gloves for first responders. 

These gloves do not produce the same risk of allergic reaction as latex gloves, and they offer good stretch and fit as well as strong protection in the various settings first responders might find themselves in. Lightweight and powder-free gloves like SUNLINE Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves are made by certified companies to protect first responders and other professionals from job hazards such as fentanyl.

Using nitrile/vinyl blend gloves is another option for first responders. These gloves are helpful for performing medical exams and helping injured people at an emergency scene. Some nitrile/vinyl gloves align with ASTM D5250 standards for medical use.

Buy Disposable Gloves From SUNLINE Supply

If you oversee a team of police officers, EMTs or other first responders, you should have plenty of gloves and PPE on hand to keep everyone safe. Fortunately, SUNLINE Supply makes it simple to buy reliable gloves for first responders. We’re a company and we allow you to buy in bulk with 24/7 availability. We only sell certified products from vendors so that you can buy with confidence while we help you save money on bulk purchases. 

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