What Size Glove Should You Wear?

If you operate in the healthcare, food or cleaning industries, correct glove fitment is essential for worker safety and sanitation efforts. Determining your glove size is an important step in completing tasks accurately with a barrier between the skin and working surface.

Procurement directors, facility managers and more must ensure employees have access to the proper gloves for compliance in any given field.

Why Is Determining Glove Size Important?

The size of disposable gloves influences comfort levels and an individual’s ability to perform their job responsibilities. In some cases, having a glove that fits incorrectly can lead to pain and unwanted muscle fatigue with wearers having to bend the wrists and fingers in an unnatural way.

Additionally, if air, bacteria and other materials can enter a protective glove, workers are at risk of coming into contact with harmful liquids, contaminants and more within the workplace.

Determining your glove size helps reduce your chances of PPE sliding off your hands or hindering movement. There’s a reason why disposable glove products come in numerous sizes, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your industry. Gloves that are too loose can catch on tools, while PPE that is too tight can lead to a puncture and discomfort.

How Do You Measure Your Hands for Gloves?

To prevent wasting gloves, it is proactive for users to know their glove size rather than trying on multiple pairs. Nitrile rubber glove sizes can change slightly based on the manufacturer, but there are some general rules you can follow to make an accurate selection. All you need is a fabric tape measure to gather hand measurements for gloves.

Always measure your dominant hand for an accurate fit. First, use the tape measure to record the width of your palm (in inches) at the widest point near the knuckles. This involves placing the tape measure horizontally across the palm. Then measure the length of your hand by spreading the fingers and running the tape measure from the tip of the middle finger back toward the wrist. The larger of the two measurements will help you select the right gloves.

What Size Nitrile Glove Should You Buy?

Hand measurements for gloves correspond to a manufacturer’s sizing chart. To make your selection, round up your larger hand measurement (length or width) to the nearest full or half-inch based on which is closer. Men’s and women’s glove sizes are different, so always reach out to the manufacturer for sizing guidelines if you’re unsure. Review the details below for some general information regarding glove sizes.

Men’s Nitrile Glove Sizes

  • Small: 7″ up to 8″
  • Medium: 8″ up to 9″
  • Large: 9″ up to 10″
  • XL: 10″ up to 11″

Women’s Nitrile Glove Sizes

  • Small: 6.5″ up to 7″
  • Medium: 7″ up to 7.5″
  • Large: 7.5″ up to 8″
  • XL: 8″ up to 8.5″

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