How to Use a Home Testing Kit

Health authorities have recognized at-home COVID-19 tests as an essential part of screening and preventing virus transmission in schools, businesses and communities. Antigen tests can be conducted virtually anywhere, allowing for widespread and fast testing during community transmission situations or in any event where you need to prevent virus transmission.

How to Do a COVID-19 Self-Test

Each test comes with detailed instructions on how to take the home COVID-19 tests. In general, you will need to:

  1. Get an at-home test, like the CareStart COVID-19 OTC Rapid Antigen Test Kit or On/Go COVID-19 OTC Rapid Test Kit.
  2. Wash your hands and disinfect the surface where you will be completing the test.
  3. Open the test kit and remove the components, checking them for any damage.
  4. Remove the test cassette and place it on your disinfected surface.
  5. Keeping the extraction vial upright and in the tray, peel off the aluminum cover.
  6. Remove a nasal swab from its packaging, being careful not to touch the swab end or allow it to come into contact with anything.
  7. Insert the swab into your left nostril ¾ inches, then rotate five times for 15 seconds.
  8. Remove the swab from your left nostril and repeat the process in your right nostril.
  9. Place the swab into the extraction vial, stirring five times.
  10. Keep rotating the swab, and remove it from the vial, extracting the liquid by squeezing the swab through the sides of the vial.
  11. Place the cap on the vial and safely dispose of the swab.
  12. Tap the bottom of the vial to mix the contents.
  13. Hold the vial over the sample well and squeeze out three drops of liquid.
  14. Set a timer and check the results after ten minutes.

What to Do If Your Result Is Positive

If you test positive, isolate yourself from anyone else in your home and remain at home. Avoid coming into contact with others to reduce the risk of transmission.

What to Do If Your Result Is Negative

If you test negative, retake the test with a new antigen at-home kit within 24-48 hours, especially if you have symptoms or have been exposed. If you develop symptoms, retake the test and discuss your results with a healthcare provider.

Get Accurate Results With At-Home Tests From SUNLINE Supply

With an at-home test, you don’t have to wait for days for laboratory results and can act on the results right away. Now that you know how to use home COVID-19 tests, order rapid response tests from SUNLINE Supply, a company with 24/7 ordering capability.

Ryen Neuman - Vice President of Business Development


  1. Eli Richardson on May 18, 2023 at 11:26 am

    My aunt’s interested in buying COVID-19 tests to have at home in case of her family shows symptoms. It’s helpful to know how we’d take a home COVID-19 test effectively, so I’ll email this to my aunt right away. Thank you for the insight on following the detailed instructions for a COVID-19 test and washing our hands before taking it.