Should You Get a COVID-19 Test Before Visiting Family & Friends?

Buying COVID-19 tests for holiday gatherings can prevent spreading COVID-19. Adding tests to your holiday traditions helps keep all family members safe from the virus and can reduce post-holiday outbreaks.

Should You Get COVID-19 Tested Before Seeing Family?

There are a few reasons why COVID-19 testing before Christmas and other holidays makes sense:

  • You will be seeing more people than usual.
  • Not everyone you meet may be fully vaccinated.
  • Your family may include older or more vulnerable members.
  • You may be spending lots of time together, talking and removing masks to eat.
  • Physical distancing is harder to achieve during family holidays.

These factors can make it easier for COVID-19 to spread. Getting tested before you travel to see family can ensure you’re not bringing COVID-19 to a celebration and can help you confirm you did not contract COVID-19 during your holidays.

Should You Require Family Members to Get COVID-19 Tests Before Holiday Gatherings?

Ideally, all family members would get COVID-19 testing before Thanksgiving and any family get-together. Having everyone get tested offers the best protection against the spread of the virus since families usually include members of different ages and health statuses.

Testing yourself and avoiding situations where you’re exposed to people who may not have been tested is the best way to keep you and your family safe. 

Why Buy Testing Kits for Holiday Travel?

At-home COVID-19 antigen test kits are easy to use, fast and portable. You can pack them with you as you travel and take the test if you develop symptoms or think you may have been exposed. Results are available in as little as 10-15 minutes and can help you determine if others need to get tested or you need to isolate.

If you’re going to family gatherings this holiday season, add a few packs of COVID-19 at-home test kits to your luggage. If your family is exposed to COVID-19, you can all get tests so you can take the steps you need to keep family members safe.

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Ryen Neuman - Vice President of Business Development