How to Implement a Workplace Safety Program

How to Implement a Workplace Safety Program

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) strongly recommends employers create and implement workplace safety programs, and some states mandate such programs. According to OSHA, health and safety management processes and safety programs are one of the more effective ways to keep workers safe.

5 Steps to Create a Workplace Safety Program

Workplace health and safety programs start with a few basic steps:

  1. Appoint a leader: Put one person or a small committee in charge of your safety program. Ideally, your committee should include managers, workers and leaders who all work together to create a safer workplace. If one person is spearheading your safety program, this person should have the authority to make changes and recognize workers and managers who help build a safer workplace.
  2. Identify hazards: Each workplace has different hazards. Run a safety audit of your workplace by walking through your workplace and examining possible dangers. You may also wish to research statistics of frequent hazards and injuries in your industries to get a sense of where issues can happen. Workplace safety compliance regulations in your state can further help you understand possible safety issues your plan should address.
  3. Train employees: Your employees are safer on the job when they know how to stay safe. When you understand the possible hazards of your workplace, you can offer in-person safety training and create manuals and posters to encourage safe practices at work. OSHA has training resources to help. When training your employees, remember to teach them how to perform work duties safely and how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) for enhanced safety, as well.
  4. Record incidents: How you handle incidents at your workplace should be part of your safety program, too. Make sure employees know how to report safety issues and injuries and have a system for reviewing and acting on this information quickly. Doing so can reduce the number of incidents over time.
  5. Revisit regularly: Your workplace safety program is a living system. As your industry, workforce, workplace and the world change, safety risks and safety systems will change, too. As part of your program, set up a review once or twice a year to evaluate how well the workplace safety program is going and make it simple to upgrade the program as needed.

Get Support for Your Workplace Safety Program

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Ryen Neuman - Vice President of Business Development