6 Workplace Safety Tips to Share With Your Team

6 Workplace Safety Tips to Share With Your Team

Sharing workplace safety tips on posters, in manuals and newsletters and as part of meetings reinforces the message that safety is important in your workplace and gives employees the tools they need to stay safe on the job. Some safety tips are universal across industries.

6 Safety Tips for the Workplace

Safety in the workplace starts with these tips:

  1. Recognize workplace hazards: Knowing what the hazards of your workplace are can keep employees safer. For example, using COVID tests can help determine if there are exposures at work. Researching common industry injuries can help you understand how accidents tend to happen in workplaces like yours, so you can actively work to prevent them.
  2. Have employees wear PPE: Personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks and gloves, offers a measure of safety to employees. Whatever your industry, having PPE on hand is vital in a medical emergency, if someone needs to clean or work with chemicals or any need for protective equipment arises.
  3. Encourage proper rest and focus: Fatigue and distraction at work can easily lead to mistakes on the job, including potentially dangerous errors. If your employees work with heavy machinery, inattention or drowsiness can have tragic consequences. While you cannot control what workers do at home, you can create a low-distraction environment, discourage the use of mobile devices and provide thoughtful deadlines or shifts to give workers a chance to rest.
  4. Keep your work area clean: It’s important to clean your workplace regularly and encourage employees to clean their work areas. Debris and spills can pose tripping and slipping hazards, and an unclean workplace can mean poor indoor air quality.
  5. Offer good lighting: Properly light work areas, walkways, stairwells, outside areas and any spaces where employees gather, walk or work. Adequate lighting can help prevent falls and keep workers more aware of their surroundings, which is essential for safety. Replace burnt-out light bulbs immediately and use bright LED lights.
  6. Do regular safety checks: Walk through the workplace regularly to check for any safety hazards or concerns. Even small problems, such as a frayed computer cord, can lead to injury, so be sure to inspect carefully. Have a system to encourage workers to submit issues and be prepared to act on them promptly. For example, if there is a spill in the workplace, you need a system to ensure it is noticed and handled quickly.

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Ryen Neuman - Vice President of Business Development