Beauty Industry Gloves

Beauty Industry Gloves

Disposable gloves are an essential tool for hairdressers, nail technicians and other individuals working in the beauty industry. Workers at beauty salons frequently come in contact with chemicals from products like nail polish, hairspray and hair dye. These all contain potentially harmful substances that can cause skin irritation or illness when handled without gloves.

Ensure your beauty parlor or salon employees have quality protection with single-use beauty industry gloves from SUNLINE Supply.

Uses of Disposable Gloves in the Beauty Industry

Work-related dermatitis is a highly common issue in the hairdressing and beauty industry. More commonly called eczema, this skin disorder is caused by inflammation that results in cracked, dry and flaky patches as well as extremely itchy flare-ups. For some, this condition is genetic. However, environmental factors seem to play a role in provoking episodes of dermatitis.

It is believed that the majority of people working in the beauty industry will suffer from some kind of skin damage if safety equipment, like disposable gloves, is not used. Causes of work-related dermatitis include:

  • Exposure to harsh chemicals like acetone found in hairspray and nail polish remover, toluene and dibutyl phthalate found in nail polish, trichloroethylene from hair extension glue and formaldehyde, one of the most high-risk chemicals that salon workers are exposed to.
  • Frequent wet work such as rinsing and washing hair.

Disposable salon and hairdressing gloves add a layer of safety for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Applying hair dye.
  • Varnishing and painting nails.
  • Spray tan and tanning lotion applications.
  • Working with oil-based products.
  • Virus protection from close contact with patrons.
  • Cleaning up and general duties around the salon.

Best Types of Salon, Nail Technician, Hairdressing and Barber Gloves

At SUNLINE Supply, we carry highly rated gloves to protect the hands and health of your salon employees. Our beauty industry gloves are ambidextrous, with straight fingers designed to fit most hands. Each brand has a long shelf life so you can buy in bulk and stock up on all the gloves you need to keep your workers safe.

While latex is a common material used for disposable gloves, it can cause skin irritation and severe allergic reactions. That’s why we offer alternative glove options perfect for use in the beauty industry:

  • TPE gloves: TPE gloves, or thermoplastic elastomer, are a lightweight, waterproof option that works for a variety of hair and beauty applications. The loose-fitting design provides greater breathability and comfort while ensuring all-around general protection for hands.
  • Nitrile gloves: Nitrile gloves offer the most versatility. This material provides superior touch-sensitivity for accuracy when performing more complex tasks like cutting hair. Yet the micro-roughened surface ensures a firm grip on tools. Nitrile gloves are more puncture-resistant than latex and more chemical-resistant than latex and vinyl, making them a great option for handling hair dyes and nail polish.
  • Vinyl gloves: Vinyl gloves have excellent chemical resistance while also offering strength and durability. The snug fit improves sensitivity for jobs that require more precision, such as nail painting and nail art.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Hair Dye and Beautician Gloves?

At SUNLINE Supply, we understand the importance of stocking your salon or barbershop with the right disposable gloves. That’s why we carry only the highest-quality PPE from trusted manufacturers. In addition to our options and availability, we offer rapid production and order fulfillment no matter the size of your order. Our bulk pricing ensures you get the best products at the best price.

Contact us today to request a quote for your bulk order. We look forward to discussing your needs and pairing you with the perfect disposable gloves for your beauty business.