Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to promote employee health, and SUNLINE Supply is your home for the supplies you need. We carry 70% isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer in bulk and made for commercial use. If you want to keep your people healthy today and into the future, we can help.

Why Buy Hand Sanitizer for Office Environments?

Offices are incubators for germs regardless of building size, employee count or how often you clean. A study published by the NIH reveals that the average computer desk has more than 10 million bacteria. That’s more bacteria than over 400 standard toilet seats combined — and that’s just in the cubicle. Even with regular cleaning, many other places in the office pose a threat to employee health. These include telephones, elevator buttons, door handles, conference tables, keyboards and computer mice.

When used correctly, hand sanitizer will kill bacteria, eliminating common germs and viruses associated with illnesses like strep throat, the flu and the common cold. Other NIH data supports the effectiveness of hand sanitizer against SARs-CoV-2. This pathogen is responsible for COVID-19 — the disease behind the global pandemic. The NIH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other leading organizations all recommend sanitizer for preventing transmission of these and other dangerous germs.

Integrating hand sanitizer into the office helps create a healthier workplace for businesses of any size in any industry. Having commercial hand sanitizer available for your staff, employees and visitors lets them know that you care about their health. You can also avoid contributing to the $260 billion combined commercial losses attributed to employee illness each year. Lastly, a hand sanitizer program will help you stay ahead of evolving changes from the local, state and federal governments through the pandemic.

Wholesale Hand Sanitizer for Commercial Use

If you are looking to buy commercial hand sanitizer to help protect the people at your business, you are in the right place. At SUNLINE Supply, we provide businesses of all sizes with wholesale pricing and bulk order fulfillment. Our hand sanitizer contains 70% isopropyl alcohol — the same type used in pharmaceutical sterilization and cleaning medical surfaces. This level exceeds the CDC’s 60% alcohol minimum requirement for effectiveness against the coronavirus to ensure your employees can stay safe and healthy.

We have products to accommodate your business, whether you experience frequent customer interactions or just have a small group of employees. All items are available in bulk at competitive rates, with immediate availability for most orders and rapid production for special requests of any volume. Hand sanitizer options include:

  • Gallon jugs: Our 70% isopropyl hand sanitizer gel is available in gallon-sized jugs to refill dispensers. Gallon hand sanitizer jugs are the most affordable way to keep your hand sanitizer dispenser stocked and ready to fight back against common workplace germs.
  • Personal bottles: Our smaller hand sanitizer bottles are an excellent way to give your employees and visitors the means to keep their hands clean anytime, anywhere. These flip-top bottles are also refillable using our bulk sanitizing gel.

Why Buy Commercial Hand Sanitizer From SUNLINE Supply?

With wholesale hand sanitizer from SUNLINE Supply, your company will always have the supplies it needs to provide a healthy working environment. We are the commercial industry’s bulk provider of 70% isopropyl alcohol hand sanitizer. Our hand sanitizer and other supplies are made by trusted manufacturers that we have established long-term partnerships with to ensure constant availability and the highest product quality.

In addition to supplying sanitizer, we are an FDA-certified distributor of head-to-toe personal protective equipment (PPE) for the healthcare industry, industrial purposes and the commercial sector. Our international network allows us to fill orders of any size, with options that include N95 masks, surgical gowns, protective goggles, disposable gloves and everything you need to make everyone safer. Orders ship fast with immediate availability on many products.

Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk Today

Having enough commercial hand sanitizer in the office can help you keep the doors open, encourage a healthier space and give your employees the reassurance that you place their safety first. We can help you put together a bulk order of hand sanitizer in addition to a variety of other supplies and PPE to protect your employees from the coronavirus and other pathogens.

If you have questions or would like assistance placing an order, call (866) 217-7920 or contact us online today.