Hospital Gloves

Hospital Gloves

Hospital gloves are personal protective equipment as endorsed by the FDA, used to cover the entire hand. Doctors, nurses, general medical practitioners and surgeons use disposable exam gloves to provide a protective barrier between themselves and their patients. Medical gloves are only worn one time per procedure and per patient. Learn more about disposable hospital gloves for sale at SUNLINE Supply.

Uses of Disposable Gloves in the Healthcare Industry

Disposable gloves are standard whenever there is a procedure that requires sterility and cleanliness. Hospital gloves fall into several categories, including examination gloves, sterile surgical gloves and medical gloves. When worn in the healthcare industry, this form of PPE have several uses:

  • Infection control: Protects the wearer and the patient from cross-contamination of infection or illness during exams or medical procedures.
  • Contamination hazards: Protects the wearer from biohazards, chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances.
  • Body fluids: Protects hands from touching someone else’s body fluids, including blood, vomit, urine, feces and respiratory secretions.
  • Sterilization: Surgeons use sterilized gloves to prevent surgical site infections.

Best Types of Disposable Gloves for Healthcare Applications

Hospital gloves come in various sizes, thicknesses and materials. At SUNLINE Supply, we offer several different highly rated PPE gloves suited for use in the healthcare industry. We partner with multiple vendors to ensure we always have the right gloves for your medical needs. All gloves for sale feature straight fingers, are ambidextrous and have a long shelf life. Gloves are also available in bulk so you can stock up on PPE.

Our options include:

  • Nitrile gloves: Our powder-free nitrile gloves come in blue and black. This material is three times more puncture-resistant than latex and far less likely to break or become compromised. As a more breathable exam glove, nitrile gloves are good for extended wear. The material ensures a firm grip on tools and equipment while remaining highly tactile, allowing medical professionals to perform essential tasks with precision.
  • TPE gloves: Our powder-free thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves come in clear and black. Although more commonly used in other industries, TPE gloves are a fantastic alternative to latex and vinyl gloves in many clinical settings.
  • Vinyl gloves: Our blue, powder-free vinyl gloves contain no rubber latex yet offer a latex-like fit and feel. They provide wearers with long-lasting comfort when used for medical exams and in other healthcare settings. Modern advancements in vinyl technology have enhanced the material’s flexibility, durability and tactile sensitivity.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Hospital Gloves?

When you choose SUNLINE Supply for your hospital gloves and other PPE, you can count on quality at an excellent price. As an FDA certified company, we source our inventory from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers and carry only the highest-rated PPE.

We understand the importance of options and availability, which is why we keep a massive amount of healthcare hospital gloves on hand and ready to ship when you need them. We also offer rapid production and fulfillment for any size order to meet your team’s needs. In addition to bulk hospital gloves at competitive prices, we carry a huge selection of other FDA-certified PPE, including masks and gowns.

Contact us today to request a quote for your bulk order of hospital gloves.