Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispensers

  • $39 – $49/each (depending on order size and terms)
  • Motion sensor wall-mounted dispenser
  • Info kit available upon request

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The Advantages of Using Automatic Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispensers

Providing easy access to hand sanitizer is one of the simplest ways to help create a healthier workplace. Your staff, customers and visitors can use hand sanitizer often to help keep their hands free from illness-causing viruses and bacteria. Sanitizer is also effective protection against COVID-19 when produced with the right amount of isopropyl alcohol, making access to hand sanitizer more essential than ever.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers install quickly using fasteners or adhesive strips. The automatic operation eliminates the need to touch the dispenser, reducing the risk of contaminating the surface or coming into contact with potential hazards. You can install as many dispensers as you need to support health and safety in the workplace.

Our Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

We offer wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers in several styles. These dispensers easily mount on any permanent wall or temporary fixture where you want to promote better workplace hygiene. They offer the option to draw power using an electrical outlet, or you can install batteries for dependable use anytime and anywhere.

Our automatic wall dispensers hold up to 1000ml, and you can keep refilling them with gallon hand sanitizer bottles for cost-effective and long-term use up to 80,000 cycles. Choose from white or black, or contact us for a custom color request to match your brand. We can even add a logo or design for additional customization.

SUNLINE Supply hand sanitizer dispensers use infrared sensors for touch-free operation, making them more sanitary and healthier to use than touch-activated designs. Other standard and optional features vary by model and include:

  • Key locks
  • Attractive drip trays
  • Low-power indicators
  • Alternate dose volume
  • Reusable bottle inserts
  • Large reservoir windows
  • Foam, spray or liquid pumps

Why Buy Hand Sanitizer Wall Dispensers From SUNLINE Supply?

At SUNLINE Supply, we know how essential it is to provide options to keep everyone healthy and safe. Our primary focus is to ensure you always have the supplies you need to meet demand and keep up with changing regulations.

We help make this happen through an extensive supplier and distribution network as well as decades of logistics experience. Trust SUNLINE Supply for hand sanitizer dispensers that are in stock and ready to ship to your business. If you need more dispensers than we have in our existing inventory, our team will work with our manufacturers to complete your order within just a few weeks.

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