Isolation Gown, SMS Material, Level 2

$1.95 / each

  • Depending on order size and terms
  • Call for bulk pricing
  • Level 2 ANSI/AAMI
  • CE certified
  • SMS material
  • 45 gsm
  • One waist belt
  • Over-the-head neck style
  • Knitted cuff
  • Standard blue color
  • Info kit available upon request

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What Are Closed Back Isolation Gowns?

Closed back isolation gowns are typically worn in medical settings to reduce the risk of bacteria transmission between surgical staff. Isolation gowns also protect healthcare workers from coming into contact with bodily fluids. SUNLINE Supply’s closed back isolation gowns feature durable nonwoven SMS fabric for an effective protective barrier. The multilayered SMS material design enhances the strength of the gown to ensure wearers stay safe even during all-day wear.

We offer both level 2 and level 3 closed back isolation gowns. These AAMI ratings refer to the apparel’s level of performance in critical zones where direct contact with infectious materials will likely occur. Level 2 gowns should be used in low-risk environments, such as blood draws or in the ICU, while level 3 gowns can be used in moderate risk scenarios including IV insertions or trauma treatment.

Why Buy Closed Back Isolation Gowns?

Closed back isolation gowns are designed to protect healthcare workers and patients in high-risk medical settings. Our CE-certified gowns offer an array of features to improve employee safety and create a healthier workplace:

  • Superior fluid barrier: Experience peace of mind knowing that our closed back isolation gowns can withstand fluid splashes and sprays.
  • Enhanced protection from bacteria: Our level 2 and level 3 closed back isolation gowns limit wearers from coming into contact with infectious matter as well as limiting bacteria transfer.
  • Full coverage: Isolation gowns are sized generously to provide full coverage and a comfortable, flexible fit.
  • Easy fit: Each gown features a one-belt waist, soft fabric cuff and over-the-head neck style, making it simple for wearers to put on and remove apparel.

The Benefits of Purchasing Closed Back Isolation Gowns From SUNLINE Supply

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