Medical Protective Isolation Suit

  • $10 – $15/each (depending on order size and terms)
  • CE certified
  • Used when treating Class A infectious diseases, reinforced w/ the plastic film, and sealed along major tear points with EVA-a rubber like seal stripe
  • Made of non-woven, non-sterile material
  • Higher protection grade than standard or isolation
  • Protective suit consists of hooded tops and trousers; can be divided into a one-piece structure and a separate structure
  • The trouser legs and cuffs are tightened, and the protective clothing has a higher degree of protection than the gown
  • Info kit available upon request

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What Are Protective Medical Isolation Suits?

Our protective medical isolation suits are intended to keep medical personnel from being exposed to infectious diseases. Specifically, protective isolation suits protect wearers against coming into contact with Class A infectious diseases in the healthcare setting. The suit’s non-woven, non-sterile fabric provides an effective barrier against water, moisture and blood. Additional features — like flame retardancy and antistatic properties — enhance the wearer’s safety.

This form of personal protective equipment is typically worn as an outer layer over hospital scrubs or other clothing. If you’re in need of reliable, meticulously designed protective equipment, shop medical suits from SUNLINE Supply. We offer bulk orders at competitive prices with a quick delivery timeline. Stock up on the supplies you need to ensure your staff stays safe in every situation.

The Benefits of Buying Quality Medical Protective Suits

SUNLINE Supply’s medical protective isolation suits are manufactured using high-strength material that can provide lasting, durable protection. Each suit features hooded tops and trousers as well as adjustable trouser legs and cuffs, allowing for a tightened fit. As a result, our suits offers a higher degree of full-body protection than other protective gowns.

Our CE-certified protective suits include reinforced seams and potential tear point seals to ensure premium wear and tear resistance. Wearers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are safeguarded from coming into contact with Class A infectious diseases.

In addition to full-body coverage, our protective suits offer a secure fit intended for everyday use in a hospital setting. A combination of easy-access design, flexible one-piece or two-piece structure and lightweight fabric keeps healthcare employees comfortable even in a fast-moving environment.

Why Shop Medical Isolation Suits at SUNLINE Supply?

SUNLINE Supply provides the highest quality personal protective equipment at the most competitive rates in the industry. We’re a reputed leader for premium quality safety apparel designed for the healthcare, industrial and commercial fields. With more than 90 years of global distribution experience, we’re well-equipped to connect you with the essential products you need.

If you need high-volume shipments on a fast turnaround, SUNLINE Supply has the resources to get your order ready quickly — without compromising on quality. Our expansive distribution network spans across the U.S. and beyond, giving us the ability to deliver your order directly to your location in a few weeks or less.

Buy Medical Protective Suits in Bulk Today

Thanks to our 24/7 sales availability and variety of in-stock options, you can always turn to SUNLINE Supply to buy bulk medical protective suits. Need other PPE to protect your employees from head to toe? Stock up on everything from face masks to shoe coversReach out to us today to request a quote for your bulk order.