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Drug Testing Cups

Many industries and organizations require workers to pass drug tests, either before hiring or periodically throughout employment. Drug testing is particularly important for transportation, law enforcement, security, manufacturing, construction, education and healthcare, since impaired judgment and risky behavior in these professions can endanger workers and the public.

If your organization uses drug testing to enhance safety, you need drug testing cups that provide accurate results at an affordable cost without disrupting day-to-day operations or aggravating employees with an overly complex process. At SUNLINE Supply, we offer urine drug testing cups from Medi Testing Solutions for employers in a range of industries. These cups are approved and easy to use, simplifying drug testing for everyone involved.

Drug Test Cups for Accurate and Convenient Testing

Our drug testing cups come with a number of benefits, including:

  • Convenience: These cups test for multiple drugs simultaneously. This means the individual being tested will only have to provide one sample before they can move on with their day. There is no need to send this drug test pee cup to a laboratory for testing — an easy-to-read drug strip is built into the cup for each drug family included in the test.
  • Accuracy: Our drug testing cups are 99% accurate, reducing the risk of false negatives and false positives and offering peace of mind for both employers and employees.
  • Speed: Waiting for the results of a drug test can slow down productivity and increase stress for everyone involved. Our drug testing cups provide results in as little as one minute and no more than five minutes. Organizations can receive accurate readings quickly and employees can get back to work.
  • Long shelf life: These drug test cups have a shelf life of two years. The cups come clearly labeled with an expiration date, and a built-in temperature strip helps ensure cups are stored at the proper temperature to maintain efficacy, between 39.2°F and 86°F. The long shelf life means you can buy drug testing cups in bulk and enjoy competitive pricing.

The urine drug testing cups you choose will play an important role in ensuring workplace and public safety. At SUNLINE Supply, we have 24/7 sales availability and a knowledgeable team to help you make the right choice. For more information about our drug testing cups, reach out to us — we have info kits available upon request.

How to Read These Drug Testing Cups

Our drug testing cups are easy to read. Results will appear on the cup’s built-in drug strips shortly after a urine sample is provided. Two lines indicate a negative result for the drug tested, whether the bottom line is solid or faint. One line near the top of the strip with no line below indicates a positive result. One line at the bottom of the strip indicates an invalid test.

Buy Drug Testing Cups in Bulk From SUNLINE Supply

We use our 80 years of experience importing and distributing products to offer competitive bulk pricing and ensure our customers receive drug testing cups in a timely manner. Pricing varies depending on order size and terms. To request a quote or place an order, call 866-217-7920 or contact us online today.