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Leading up to the coronavirus pandemic, medical personal protective equipment (PPE) was relatively niche and worn primarily in hospitals and health care facilities. Today, a much larger segment of the population is familiar with medical PPE as businesses, schools and other facilities work to keep people healthy and safe.

At SUNLINE Supply, we have an entire division of our company dedicated to providing customers with quality PPE at competitive rates. We ensure that everyone you are responsible for has the appropriate equipment in the right sizes so you can stay compliant and open for business. Browse our complete product selection and buy personal protection equipment that meets your needs.

The Importance of PPE During COVID-19

The coronavirus spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These droplets enter the air after people infected with the virus exhale, sneeze, cough or talk. When this happens, anyone within close proximity — especially those within six feet or less — faces a serious risk of infection.

PPE creates a physical barrier that helps protect wearers from solid, liquid and airborne particles, including the respiratory droplets associated with the spread of this disease. Medical PPE helps prevent the spread of the coronavirus in two ways. People testing negative for the virus can wear PPE as a measure to avoid contact with the pathogen. Those testing positive can wear PPE to keep others safe while they recover.

COVID-19 has created global awareness of the importance of PPE and just how necessary these products are in the event of an outbreak. Before this, businesses and facilities could operate under fewer restrictions. People thought little about touching public surfaces, being in groups or meeting with other individuals. Today, every business or company must have PPE available to keep their people safe and keep the doors open.

Why PPE Is Crucial Beyond the Coronavirus

While quality medical PPE is vital for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, these products have many other applications. In the health care industry, PPE was and is already in widespread use. People in this industry use personal protective equipment to protect staff and patients from a wide range of hazards, including bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids and respiratory secretions.

Businesses and facilities outside the health care sector also have a variety of uses for medical personal protective equipment. PPE can protect the skin from coming into contact with contaminated surfaces and hazardous substances. Using proper masks, employees can protect the sensitive mucus membranes in their respiratory systems from a range of health risks like dust, pollution, bacteria and viruses.

These extra layers of protection can keep staff, employees and visitors safer, healthier and more comfortable working in their environment. PPE also benefits the employers who supply it. Personal protective equipment can help employees stay healthy so your business can continue operating as usual.

Types of Personal Protection Equipment to Create a Healthier Workspace™

At SUNLINE Supply, we make it easy to buy personal protection equipment online and offer fast shipping on all orders through our established supply chain. Many of our products are in-stock, and we have rapid turnaround times to provide you with your bulk order in a matter of weeks.

We carry multiple forms of medical PPE for head-to-toe protection, including:

  • Protective gowns: Our collection of over-body medical PPE includes isolation gowns and surgical gowns in several styles. Depending on the item, these products offer ANSI/AAMI level one, two, three and four protection against biological hazards.
  • Face shields: We have face shields certified by the FDA and CE for direct-splash protection from airborne respiratory droplets and other liquids. This PPE offers full frontal and side face protection and will not interfere with hearing, vision or eyeglass wear during use.
  • Face masks: Our PPE equipment inventory includes K95 masks and N95 disposable masks that cover the mouth, nose and jaw. The CDC authorizes both styles for respiratory protection during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also have multiple applications in other industries.
  • Protective goggles: Protective goggles create a barrier that shields the eyes from respiratory droplets, protects against impacts and blocks airborne dust and debris. Our goggles are clear, comfortable and provide a wide field of view with enough room to fit over eyeglasses.
  • Nitrile gloves: Nitrile gloves provide latex-free, disposable hand protection against contact with infectious diseases, oils, acids and various chemicals. These gloves have superior durability and come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes to ensure everyone has a proper fit.
  • Caps and shoe covers: Head caps are often used in the medical, foodservice and manufacturing industries to provide wearers with dependable protection. Our anti-skid shoe covers are waterproof and used to keep footwear clean.
  • Sanitizer and wipes: For added defense against disease and infection, provide the people in your facility with access to sanitizing wipes and liquid hand sanitizer. We also have wall-mounted and standalone dispensers you can use with our 70% alcohol solution.
  • Isolation suits: We have several isolation suits, including products certified by the FDA. Isolation suits prevent cross-contamination and provide wearers with nearly full body protection against exposure to infectious diseases and hazardous liquids and substances.

How does our pricing and ordering process work?

At current, with the high demand, we place orders with our factories upon receipt of customer orders. Once we receive your order, our factories are prepared to expedite production and shipping via air freight for arrival to the U.S. within two and a half to four weeks. Order tracking information and accelerated, economical delivery method within the United States is communicated promptly to our clients. Generally, items using airfreight are priced at a higher cost, as shipping via air is quicker therefore more expensive, and items shipping via sea containers are priced at a lower cost, as the lead time for shipping via sea is longer and less expensive. Our PPE pricing includes pricing tiers offering volume-based discounts. Currently, we are only able to hold prices for 24 hours. During these challenging times, due to extremely high demand and shipping freight capacities, our factories and carriers are impacted by the costs of raw materials, labor availability and fuel which, in turn, affects our pricing. We will provide formal quotations upon request that will reflect any price adjustments (higher and lower).

What is happening in China, and why are logistics so difficult?

Over the last few weeks, China has implemented many rules and regulations regarding shipping PPE out of their country. Along with those regulations, they have also enacted restrictions on the number of planes flying in and out to curb the spread of COVID-19. Where there used to be hundreds of flights daily coming out of China and into the US, there are now 27 a week in total. This leaves us with an incredibly volatile market due to the lack of space within the planes. This results in the cargo space being up for bid, and the highest bidder will take the space – which hurts the consumer. With that, the Chinese government has the power to override this bid, and can purchase the cargo space at any time, which pushes all other freight to the back of the line. The overall logistics during this time is unlike anything the freight industry has seen before and will continue to be as volatile as it currently is until more planes are allowed to leave China. At this current time, China is working with US commercial airlines to agree upon a deal that will utilize passenger space with cargo space, if needed. This should help reduce the bidding wars and level out the market, but until the deal is finalized, it is a fight to get space on planes. Fortunately, we are partners with one of the longest running international logistics and import companies in the world. They have the best relationships with the freight companies and Chinese/US customs, which allows our freight to move through the supply chain quicker and more easily than others. In addition, we have vetted factories that only abide by the highest standards, which allows our product to flow through customs without little to no issues.

What should you be screening as a consumer?

There are hundreds of thousands of factories in China currently selling and exporting PPE, but few who do it the right way. This is a key distinction in understanding how to import these products safely, which SUNLINE provides with our full product documentation and proper labeling. It is critical that the interior labels on all items are properly displayed as well, or China will seize the product.

Your PPE supplier should be able to provide proper labeling for all products sourced, which SUNLINE does. The key to successfully importing quality products is to work with quality factories. These factories will already have quality levels in place for the products, which will avoid issues from the beginning. We are diligent about quality here, and for every twenty factories we vet, we approve one.

Pricing is changing every day or two right now, so just be careful (regardless of who you choose) on 1) dragging your feet, or you will pay more and lose your place in the production line and air space, and 2) making sure they understand all of these factors and have all of the proper documentation lined up.

Why can a hospital use these products under the current EUA?

If a product is required to be imported and declared "Medical Use", we will provide a product that matches those specific requirements for medical use – both for exporting from China and importing through the United States. We currently have a checklist of documentation that encompasses any Customs and Border Patrol requests. Sometimes all product documents are required, while other times only certain documents are required – it’s dependent on that specific Customs checkpoint. The documentation, packaging and labeling required for “Industrial Use” is different than “Medical Use”, and in short, the packaging must have the FDA & CE trademarks, as well as specific certifications and official registration numbers to prove compliance authenticity. Certain products are classified as EUA, however, rather than distinguish between EUA or not, we start with the baseline of full FDA approval to avoid any confusion.

Types of Personal Protection Equipment to Create a Healthier Workspace™

SUNLINE Supply is an FDA certified distributor of quality equipment and your source to buy PPE online. We specialize in providing personal protective equipment to the health care, education and business sectors. We have competitive rates on high-quality products designed to protect staff and visitors from a wide range of viral, bacterial and other health hazards.

To shop PPE gear, contact us online and request a quote. Our representatives can help you build an order that matches your unique requirements to keep everyone safe and your organization compliant with the latest regulations. To buy PPE equipment in bulk over the phone, give us a call at (866) 217-7920 today.