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Face masks are commonly used across a range of industries to enhance the wearer’s protection from allergens and airborne bacteria. Among the most widely popular face mask options are 3 ply masks. These lightweight, one-size-fits-all disposable masks are made from three layers of thin cloth for the ultimate breathable fit. Browse SUNLINE Supply’s selection of 3 ply face masks available in bulk shipping.

Options for 3 Ply Face Masks

Recommended for one-time use, the 3 ply medical face mask is comprised of nonwoven fabrics, melt-blown fabrics and a nose clip to keep the mask secured. At SUNLINE Supply, we offer 3 ply masks in three ASTM levels of protection:

  • ASTM Level 1: ASTM Level 1 masks offer low barrier protection, perfect for nonsurgical and low-risk settings.
  • ASTM Level 2: Masks rated ASTM Level 2 provide moderate barrier protection against fluids and sprays.
  • ASTM Level 3: Commonly used in surgical settings, face masks rated for ASTM Level 3 are considered maximum barrier protection against heavy levels of spray or fluid exposure.

The cost of your order will vary depending on the ASTM level you choose, as well as your order size and terms. Our team is happy to offer you a customized quote upon request.

Benefits of Using 3 Ply Face Masks

Our 3 ply surgical face masks include a number of features that make them invaluable to the wearers. Whether your workers operate directly on the frontlines of the medical field or need to return safely to work in an office setting, 3 ply surgical face masks offer a disposable and trusted solution.

The benefits of 3 ply masks include:

  • Daily protection: Face masks are an effective line of defense against allergens and airborne pollutants, helping to protect both the wearer and those around them from the effects of any coughs or sneezes.
  • Quality construction: The three layers include a nonwoven fabric layer, a filter layer and a soft inner layer. This multi-layered design provides superior fluid resistance against droplets or sprays of bodily fluid.
  • Comfortable fit: Thanks to elastic earloops and soft, skin-friendly fabric, the 3 ply face mask is lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear.
  • One size fits all: An adjustable nose clip ensures the 3 ply mask can fit most adults and children.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Your 3 Ply Masks?

At SUNLINE Supply, we understand that when it’s time to stock up on protective gear, there are two things your company needs to count on — quality and speed. SUNLINE Supply is the ultimate solution for businesses that need fast deliveries and premium quality.

We carry an exclusive line of highly rated PPE that is FDA-certified. Thanks to our 24/7 sales availability, customers can order the products they need around the clock. We offer bulk product availability at a competitively low price to ensure you can stock up on enough gear to protect all of your workers.

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As an FDA-certified company, SUNLINE Supply carries only the most highly rated PPE in the industry. Our extensive supply of superior quality products means we are uniquely positioned to meet your company’s PPE needs. We offer competitive pricing and bulk options designed with your convenience in mind. We also provide reliable and fast shipping, with products that are ready to be sent your way at a moment’s notice.

Our reputation for uncompromising quality and helpful customer service has earned us the trust of workplaces around the country. If you’re in need of protective face masks for your business, we can ship your PPE right away.

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