Disposable Hospitality Gloves

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Disposable Hospitality Gloves for Sale

Part of offering reliable hospitality services is preventing employees from passing on germs and viruses while preparing or serving food. Requiring workers to wear disposable hospitality gloves protects customers at your establishment, improves your sanitation and reduces the spread of germs. These gloves also offer your employees protection and give them peace of mind while they work.

At SUNLINE Supply, we distribute disposable hotel gloves featuring some of the most protective and flexible materials. We sell a variety of hospitality gloves to suit your business’s needs. Our inventory has numerous sizes and styles available in large quantities. Buy in bulk to ensure you have the proper personal protective equipment available when your workers need it.

Uses for Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are important in any situation that involves serving food or preparing surfaces for someone else to use. Buy disposable caterer gloves from SUNLINE Supply to access dependable hand protection in many situations. A range of industries employs our disposable hospitality gloves, including:

  • Caterers: Employ our gloves when serving tables, setting up buffets, preparing food and decor for events and more.
  • Hotels: You can use our gloves while serving drinks, working in the hotel restaurant, preparing breakfast buffets for guests and more.
  • Restaurants: Put on our gloves while making food and serving food, putting away dishes, ringing up bills and more.
  • Deli or meat counters: Let your employees rely on our gloves when dishing up servings, cutting lunch meat, weighing food and more.

You can also use our gloves at food processing plants, ice cream stores, gift shops that serve food and other locations.

Best Types of Hospitality Gloves for Sale

What type of hospitality gloves work best for your industry? The answer depends on multiple factors. Many of our customers appreciate the versatility of our vinyl hospitality gloves and their low price point. You can buy gloves in bulk, and your employees can replace them as needed throughout their shifts.

Nitrile hospitality gloves guard against pathogen transmission and are often the best choice when dealing with meat or other food that carries foodborne pathogens.

Vinyl gloves are another popular option for their durability, among other features. These products are powder-free, meaning they’re extra safe to use in food service. Plus, they slip on and off fast to boost your staff’s efficiency.

Our thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves also perform well in the hospitality industry. They offer a competitive level of durability and flexibility. Plus, TPE gloves are affordable, making them a viable option for businesses that go through boxes quickly.

If you have a style preference, we also have black hospitality gloves to make your workforce look sleek and professional.

Hospitality Gloves for Sale in Bulk

Ordering disposable gloves in bulk is an excellent decision for any hospitality business. Whether you manage a hotel, restaurant, catering service or another hospitality business, you know how quickly your staff uses disposable gloves.

Protection against contaminants and chemicals is critical for the health and safety of your customers and staff. As a result, your employees change their gloves numerous times daily.

At SUNLINE Supply, we fulfill bulk orders so businesses have enough disposable gloves to stay safe every day. Many of our products last for years in the box, so you can order in bulk trusting that the gloves will be ready when you need them.

Why Purchase Gloves From SUNLINE Supply?

SUNLINE Supply offers your employees proven protection. You can set your mind at ease when you purchase products you know will provide the best protection. We only sell the highest-rated PPE products, and we’re an FDA-certified company. All of our vendors are FDA certified, too. Other benefits of working with us include:

  • Sales available 24/7.
  • Bulk purchasing options.
  • Speedy shipping, with some items available immediately.

Shop nitrile gloves for hospitality with SUNLINE Supply today to experience these advantages and more.

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