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Vitrile Disposable Gloves

disposable gloves for a variety of industries including a doctor, a mover, a chef and a cleaner.

Vitrile gloves are a new option in disposable gloves. These gloves are made from a blend of vinyl and nitrile. Vitrile gloves have a great fit and lasting durability. They’re also a cost-effective alternative to other gloves, making them a welcome addition to the PPE resources at many organizations.

What Are Vitrile Disposable Gloves Used For?

Vitrile disposable gloves are single-use, non-surgical gloves that can be used for various applications, including food preparation, medical examinations, beauty services, care homes and more. Whenever there’s a need for protection but surgical gloves aren’t necessary, vinyl-nitrile gloves are a strong option. Anyone with a latex allergy can use these latex-free gloves without worry.

What Are Nitrile Vinyl Blend Gloves?

Nitrile/vinyl gloves offer greater flexibility and dexterity than other disposable gloves. They have the strength to protect against certain chemicals and substances. Our quality glove options have a rolled cuff for easy removal and to prevent liquid rollback.

Nitrile/vinyl blend gloves offer high-quality protection for the user. Several of our gloves comply with ASTM D5250 (USA), EN 455 or EN 374, making them a reliable option for applications in laboratories, pharmacies and other environments. Most of these disposable gloves are also powder-free, which can be more comfortable for wearers.

Our range of surgical and non-surgical gloves, including nitrile and vinyl blends, gives your staff options and ensures they always have the right equipment. Buying gloves with different materials is a cost-effective way to get the necessary tools for various tasks. Whether your organization is a laboratory, salon, janitorial service, healthcare facility or another enterprise, it’s essential to have various vitrile gloves on hand. Even in an office, a package of nitrile/vinyl gloves is useful for first aid.

Buy Bulk Vitrile Gloves From SUNLINE Supply

If you need to buy reliable nitrile/vinyl gloves for your organization, SUNLINE Supply is an FDA-certified company. We’re proud to offer only the highest-rated PPE, including gloves, so you can use your PPE with full confidence. We have convenient 24/7 shopping and delivery right to your business so you can save time.

Many of our PPE supplies are already in stock so we can ship them quickly, so you’ll get the convenience of getting your order as soon as possible. SUNLINE Supply offers competitive pricing, friendly customer service and bulk ordering for vitrile gloves. We’ve put everything in place to help you get protective PPE, so browse our vitrile gloves and order your PPE with us today or contact us with your questions.