How to Store PPE

If your business needs personal protective equipment (PPE), you’re likely buying in bulk, which makes correct PPE storage essential. SUNLINE Supply can ensure you have the right amount of PPE for every need. With this guide, we present some best practices to ensure your protective gear is well-organized and stored properly.

The Importance of Proper PPE Storage

Storing PPE appropriately is a requirement set by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to promote safety. The right storage conditions for PPE are important because they:

  • Reduce risk: The integrity of PPE can be compromised by exposure to damp or extreme conditions. 
  • Save time: Ensure PPE is ready to go and busy team members can easily locate it for specific tasks.
  • Improve efficiency: When you properly store PPE, your organization can stay current with restocking supplies to keep operations running smoothly. Correct storage also reduces compromised PPE waste and allows you to maximize the space you have.
  • Increase shelf life: Allow for long-term PPE storage by maintaining the right temperature and environment.

PPE Storage Ideas

There are several ways you can organize your PPE and keep it in the right conditions:

  • Storage cabinets: A PPE storage cabinet allows you to keep your supplies organized and out of the way, which is ideal for high-traffic areas. Today, you can find everything from smaller cabinets to large modular space-saving systems to help prevent dust from getting on the equipment and keep your work area looking tidy.
  • Racks: If you have employee-only areas, racks are a great option because they allow staff to easily grab the PPE they need without having to open a cabinet. You can organize PPE on racks by color or type, making it easy to locate and see. The high visibility of racks can also prompt team members to use the equipment. 
  • Dedicated areas: Reserving a room for PPE allows you to store, label and organize many types of equipment in large quantities. A dedicated area also ensures that anyone who needs equipment knows exactly where to find it.

Organizing PPE Supplies

In addition to storing gowns, masks, gloves and other protective equipment, PPE storage enables team members to grab the right supplies every time. Labeling and color-coding can help differentiate between surgical and non-surgical gloves, for example. You can also communicate to wearers where supplies are and where used disposable items go to keep the storage area tidy.

Choose SUNLINE Supply for Your PPE Storage

As a company, SUNLINE Supply only offers the highest-rated PPE products, so you can shop with confidence. You can browse and order your protective equipment from SUNLINE Supply today. For more information about our products or how to store them, feel free to contact us.

Ryen Neuman - Vice President of Business Development