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How Is PPE Tested? Standards, Performance and Examinations

By sunline / December 9, 2020 /

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is gear individuals wear to protect themselves from illness or injury on the job. PPE includes objects such as masks, gloves, face shields and gowns, which create a barrier between the person wearing them and hazardous materials or infectious agents. Employees working in the health care, construction, food and drink, education…

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How to choose the right face mask for the job

How to Choose the Right Face Mask for the Job

By sunline / October 13, 2020 /

The type of personal protective equipment (PPE) your employees need can vary depending on the work they’re doing and the hazards they will face. Face masks and respirators cover people’s noses and mouths, reducing the airborne particles, vapors or gases they might inhale. Masks can also reduce the spread of particles a wearer exhales. Some…

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