How PPE Enhances Food Service Safety

Anyone handling ready-to-serve foods is required to wear specific forms of PPE. Taking this extra level of precaution helps to limit the spread of germs coming from raw foods, preparation surfaces and employees.

Personal protective equipment also helps to prevent accidents in kitchens and high-traffic areas. Take care of your workers and customers by investing in PPE for food safety.

Why Is PPE Important in the Food Industry?

PPE for the food industry creates a barrier between an employee’s skin and the food products they serve to your customers. While washing hands is crucial between tasks, items such as nitrile, vinyl and TPE gloves provide additional protection for both customers and employees. 

Protecting Customers

Wearing and changing PPE on a routine basis reduces your chances of triggering a food allergy, cross-contaminating foods and spreading foodborne illness. No matter if you handle foods directly or are responsible for distribution or packaging, PPE for the food industry provides an extra level of sanitation and cleanliness. 

Protecting Employees

Your employees might be susceptible to cuts, burns or skin irritation depending on their daily tasks. Investing in the right PPE for food safety equips your staff with the resources they need to complete jobs with fewer hazards. Gloves and other personal protective equipment in the food industry can shield your team from the dangers of sharp tools, splashes and more.

What to Look for in Disposable Food Service Gloves

If you operate in the food industry, the types of PPE you select must be appropriate for your applications. Some of the main factors to keep in mind for disposable food service gloves include:

  • Puncture-resistance: This describes the level of stress a food service glove can take before a tool will tear through materials.
  • Tactile sensitivity: Food service gloves come in different thicknesses. Tactile sensitivity relates to how easy it is to move the fingers.
  • Breathability: Food service gloves should be comfortable to wear for long periods. 

Common Types of Disposable Food Service Gloves

Food service gloves are made with durable materials like nitrile rubber, vinyl and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE):

  • Nitrile gloves: These are thicker forms of PPE that offer a snug fit. Cutting vegetables and other ingredients is possible, as nitrile gloves stay in place on the hand and provide the wearer with plenty of dexterity.
  • Vinyl gloves: These are lightweight gloves that are excellent for cleaning up spills and sticky residues.
  • TPE gloves: TPE products enable you to take care of light-duty jobs like tossing salads and handling baked goods. Change gloves in seconds thanks to a loose fit.

Hair Covers for the Food Industry

Hair covers help to keep loose hair strands out of employees’ faces and from interfering with product quality. Preventing food contamination involves workers wearing the appropriate covers on the head and face.

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