Hand Sanitizer and Alcohol Wipes

Office Wellness Supplies

Germs thrive in the office, and contact with them can make people sick for days, weeks or longer. To help keep germs at bay, give your workplace the benefit of quality office wellness supplies from SUNLINE Supply. We are your source for a wide range of employee health products that your people can use to reduce harmful germs and stay safe.

Our Options for Office Wellness Supplies

At SUNLINE Supply, we carry all the employee health products you need to help protect your workforce. This includes quality workplace wellness supplies that meet the U.S. government standards for effective use during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our products also meet our strict standards for testing and approval for your confidence and peace of mind.

We have office wellness supplies suited for businesses of any type and size with bulk availability and excellent pricing on:

  • Hand sanitizer: Our bulk hand sanitizer gel consists of 70% isopropyl alcohol — a full 10% higher than the minimum amount recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for defense against the coronavirus. We have hand sanitizer available in gallon-size jugs for refilling dispensers. We also have flip-cap personal dispensers that are perfect for distribution to employees, guests and staff.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers: We have several different hand sanitizer dispensers available. These wellness supplies are compatible with our hand sanitizers, with options you can secure to the wall or height-adjustable standalone options. Our dispensers are all activated by motion to eliminate contact. You can place them in the office, hallway, reception area, breakroom and anywhere you need to create a healthier workplace.
  • Alcohol wipes: Our alcohol wipes offer another layer of workplace protection against germs common in the workplace. These wipes also have a 70% isopropyl alcohol formula strong enough to wipe out health hazards, including the SARS-CoV-2 and flu viruses. We offer Dr. J’s Natural Disinfectant Wipes as well as Wexford CleanCide Disinfectant Wipes.

The Benefits of Using Office Wellness Supplies in Your Business

The workplace is covered in germs. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), the average office desk is home to over 10 million different bacteria. That’s over 400 times the amount of germs found on the average toilet seat. Other surfaces can be just as bad or worse. This study also detected exceptionally high virus counts on things around the office like elevator buttons, keyboards, faucet handles, computer mice and phones. Once there, they can survive for long periods of time.

With the onset of COVID-19, these measures become even more important. Research shows this virus travels through the air in respiratory droplets. These droplets eventually land on surfaces that people come into contact with all day long. Office wellness supplies help you fight back. With these products strategically placed and distributed around your property, you can give your people the tools they need to clean high-touch surfaces and sterilize their hands.

Office wellness supplies also help businesses become more profitable. The same NIH workplace study discovered that U.S. employers suffer annual losses exceeding $260 billion due to lost time caused by employee illness. Keeping your staff healthy will keep them coming into work and working productively. Businesses with wellness products can help prevent outbreaks and encourage customer traffic by making sanitizers and alcohol wipes readily available. You’ll also help ensure compliance with any state, local or federal regulations for doing business during the pandemic.

The Advantages of Ordering From SUNLINE Supply

When you buy office wellness supplies from SUNLINE Supply, you get unlimited access to the highest quality products. We have a global logistics network with multiple partner suppliers that keep our items in stock. We make it easy to find all the employee health products you need to protect your business and the people depending on you with a large inventory and rapid fulfillment of special requests. All our products are available in bulk at the best prices on the market.

Buy Office Wellness Supplies in Bulk Today

Give your workforce the supplies it needs to stay healthy, happy and productive throughout the pandemic, flu season and all year long with employee health products from SUNLINE Supply. We also carry a wide selection of FDA-certified personal protective equipment such as face shields, masks and gowns for extra protection from the coronavirus and other hazards.

We are available to help you create a bulk order based on your needs — contact us online or give us a call at (866) 217-7920.