Shoe, Face, Beard, and Hair Covers

Cleanliness and hygiene are vital to keeping any healthcare environment safe. Contamination can have potentially catastrophic results for patients, visitors and employees. Medical equipment, clothing and surfaces all run the risk of cross-contamination and transferring infectious material. As a result, it’s critical to use personal protective equipment (PPE) to promote a healthy work environment and keep workers safe.

In healthcare, PPE often includes medical gloves, medical shoe covers, waterproof boot covers, beard covers, face covers, and disposable hair caps to cover all high-contact zones. SUNLINE Supply carries a wide range of high-quality, fluid-resistant and pathogen-resistant medical PPE available for bulk purchase.

Disposable Shoe Covers

Putting on a medical gown and a fresh pair of disposable gloves are necessities in a hospital or healthcare setting. However, it may be easy to neglect one of the most common culprits of cross-contamination and bacteria spreading — our shoes. Proper head-to-toe coverage includes wearing disposable shoe covers. This form of PPE provides an essential barrier between outside matter and a sterile workplace, promoting cleanliness and safety.

SUNLINE Supply has a selection of disposable shoe covers featuring:

  • CPE surgical waterproof material ideal for forming a resilient barrier against fluids
  • One-size-fits-most design
  • Lightweight one-time use for enhanced cleanliness and improved productivity
  • High-quality material ideal for one-time use
  • Snug elastic design for a tight fit around shoes and easy removal
  • Anti-skid bottoms provide added traction to help prevent wearers from slipping on slick surfaces
  • High level of breathability to help filter particulates and keep wearers comfortable

While our PPE is most commonly used in a hospital environment, industries of all kinds buy disposable shoe covers for the workplace. In addition to medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and laboratory use, disposable shoe covers also meet the high demands in the industrial sector as well as the cleaning and food preparation fields.

SUNLINE Supply also has FDA-certified boot covers that include similar features and benefits.

Boot Covers

In addition to shoe covers and caps, SUNLINE Supply also offers boot covers, which cover more of the leg and protect workers from exposure and cross-contamination. Medical workers can wear boot covers as an extra layer of protection. They’re also popular among employees who need to wear protective work boots, including oil, gas, industrial and manufacturing employees.

Boot covers from SUNLINE Supply help prevent the spread of contaminants. Workers slip on the covers when they enter a contaminated area and dispose of the covers when they leave, reducing the risk of a contamination spread. Workers who enter offices or the homes and workplaces of customers can also use boot covers to protect indoor spaces, ensuring cleanliness and sanitation.

Boot covers from SUNLINE Supply are reasonably priced and FDA-certified. They are equipped with elastics to keep the covers securely in place.

Balaclava Hoods

Disposable balaclava hoods from SUNLINE Supply cover the head, chin, hair and neck of the wearer, leaving only an opening for the nose, eyes and mouth. This disposable hood is ideal for situations when separate beard and hair covers are not convenient and when any contamination from the hair or skin is undesirable.

SUNLINE Supply disposable balaclava hoods are:

  • Well-fitted: With an elastic band around the opening, these hoods reduce the risk of contaminants entering the hood. The wearer feels more comfortable when the hood is adjusted and in place. Sizing options of 16″ x 15″ and 15″ x 14″ allow employees to choose the right fit.
  • Lightweight: Each SUNLINE Supply balaclava hood has a weight of only 13GSM for enhanced comfort.
  • Well priced: Depending on the size of your order, each disposable hood costs between $0.18 and $0.23. You can order in bulk to save more.

Beard Covers

SUNLINE Supply offers FDA-certified beard covers for a variety of needs. In the medical, food and other industries, it’s important to keep beard hair from contaminating surfaces. A beard cover also protects the beard from contamination and exposure. In addition, a beard cover can prevent longer facial hair from getting caught in machinery, which is a risk of injury.

SUNLINE Supply beard covers are 18 inches to fit most faces securely and weigh only 10GSM for optimal comfort. A band keeps the beard cover in place without shifting, leaving both hands free. Depending on your order, you could pay $0.16 to $0.21 per beard cover, with increased savings when you order in bulk.

Disposable Hair Caps

SUNLINE Supply is a trusted resource for medical facilities that need to buy disposable hair caps in bulk. Hair caps help prevent cross-contamination by forming a fluid-resistant and particulate-resistant protective barrier. Commonly worn in the healthcare field as well as in a pharmaceutical, food service, research or manufacturing setting, our disposable hair caps include quality features such as:

  • Non-woven fabric for improved breathability and odor reduction
  • Particle and fluid resistance designed to protect your workplace from hair and sweat while preventing dust from clinging to a worker’s hair
  • An elastic band for a flexible one-size-fits-most fit
  • Soft, lightweight spun fabric for enhanced comfort

Medical facilities as well as companies in the cleaning or food service industry buy hair caps for numerous health and safety reasons:

  • Improved cleanliness: PPE hair caps provide sanitary protection for a clean work environment.
  • Reduced cross-contamination: By keeping hair and particles secured, hair caps reduce the risk of bacteria being brought from one area to another. Reducing cross-contamination is particularly vital when working with at-risk patients.
  • Enhanced comfort: Bouffant hair caps are ideal for keeping hair out of the wearer’s face and eyes. In addition to promoting improved comfort and ease, hair caps help create a sanitary work environment by reducing the risk of bacteria on hands or gloves being spread to a worker’s hair and face.

Buy disposable hair caps in bulk to ensure your workers have the supply they need on hand. Purchasing in bulk also reduces the cost of your order, ensuring you can stock up on PPE at the most competitive prices in the market.

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