Shoe Covers (Anti-Skid) – Carton of 500 Shoe Covers

$.05 / piece

  • $25.00/carton
  • 500 covers/carton


  • FDA approved
  • CPE disposable surgical waterproof anti-skid shoe cover
  • Use for medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, industrial sector, painting, cleaning room, school etc.
  • Standard blue color
  • One size fits most

Applications for Disposable Anti-Skid Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are worn over the shoes, boots or other footwear as a second layer. This PPE provides a fast and simple solution for entering hazardous areas without risking personal exposure. Users can also wear them to avoid tracking hazardous substances into sterile areas and protect against drips and splashes.

Disposable shoe covers are most prominent in the healthcare sector. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff wear them to prevent cross-contamination that could compromise patient health. They are standard PPE for many surgical applications. Medical professionals also wear them when caring for at-risk patients with weakened immune systems and when disposing of medical waste.

These products also have applications across other industries. Shoe covers are often required protective wear for employees working in factories and laboratories. In the industrial sector, workers wear skid-resistant shoe covers to avoid contact with chemicals and other dangerous liquids.

Our CPE Disposable Surgical Shoe Covers

At SUNLINE Supply, we offer disposable shoe covers in one size that fits over most footwear. These products come in a combination of white and medical-blue that looks appropriate in any professional setting. They have excellent skid resistance on the sole for extra grip and safety when working around spills and in slippery environments.

Our shoe covers are made from chlorinated polyethylene elastomer (CPE) — a durable thermoplastic that is waterproof and flame-retardant. This PPE also performs well in testing for compression recovery and demonstrates superior tensile strength. Our shoe covers are resistant to abrasion for hours of dependable use.

The Benefits of Ordering Shoe Covers From SUNLINE Supply

If you need shoe covers to keep your people safe and eliminate workplace risks, SUNLINE Supply has you covered. We have one of the most developed supply chains in the industry with the production and distribution network necessary to fulfill any size order — and do it fast.

Our inventory includes a wide selection of additional PPE available at competitive prices, including FDA-approved and OSHA-approved products and apparel. We have multiple items available in-stock and ready to ship, and we can fulfill larger orders within weeks so you can stock up on essential supplies.

Shop Polyethylene Shoe Covers Today

Order the protection your staff and employees need to stay safe, and we’ll start the clock on your rapid delivery. SUNLINE Supply is your source for buying waterproof shoe covers in any volume to equip your entire workforce. We also have excellent rates on other premium PPE you need to stay safe and remain open for business.

Additional information

Weight 11.88 lbs
Dimensions 15.00 × 10.00 × 17.00 in

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