5 Essential Pieces of Health and Safety Gear for Hotels

5 Essential Pieces of Health and Safety Gear for Hotels

Are you planning to go out of town for the weekend? Or to travel the world? Your health is the most important thing to keep in mind when traveling. With several people visiting from a variety of different areas, it can be easy for illnesses and bacteria to spread quickly. 

Proactively protecting yourself and keeping yourself safe is very valuable to the health of yourself and the health of those around you. Ensuring that you are prepared and taking the proper precautions is very important. Make sure that you are healthy and safe when traveling to hotels with these five essential items. 

1. Masks

The first essential piece of hospitality health and safety gear for those who work and stay in hotels is face masks. Face masks are very valuable to those who are encountering others in the hotel setting. By wearing these face masks, guests and workers can minimize the spread of whatever illness or disease they might bring into the hotel. 

Whether you aren’t feeling well or are feeling perfectly fine, wearing face masks is valuable regardless. You either prevent yourself from spreading or prevent yourself from receiving whatever germs may be in the air.

Choosing which face mask is best for you and deciding which is most effective may be challenging. Sunline Supply is here to help you find the right face mask. Depending on your health and the job position that you are in, some face masks may be better for you than others. There are various different types of face masks that work in several different ways:

  • Respirator masks: A respirator mask lowers the risk of inhaling gas, vapors or other particles spread through the air. 
  • Surgical masks: Surgical masks provide the least amount of protection but are suitable for those who are not in close contact with others. 
  • Face shield: Face shields are intended to protect your eyes and are not considered a protection mask for your nose and mouth. 
  • Basic cloth mask: Cloth masks can catch the bacteria when you cough, sneeze, or speak and can be handmade or store-bought. 

2. Gloves

Another essential piece of health and safety gear is gloves. Gloves are very important to wear as protection from bacteria and spreading illnesses. This safety precaution is mainly applicable for those who are working in the restaurant industry but can also be very valuable in other industries. 

By wearing gloves, you limit the spread of bacteria from your hands. When gloves are on, you can eliminate that bacteria touching your skin and forming throughout your body. There are some valuable tips to keep in mind when it comes to gloves and doing what is best.

  • Ensure that you are selecting the best glove type. Since there are various glove types, it is important that you purchase the most efficient one for your specific needs.
  • Purchase your gloves from a reputable supplier. Since there are several different types of gloves, it is important that you are purchasing the right ones from a reliable supplier so your gloves perform the correct duties. 
  • Research the best gloves. Looking at the reviews and statistics behind the gloves that you are purchasing is also valuable. Knowing the experience of others in the use of the different types of gloves is very important. 
  • Follow the proper protocols with gloves. There are certain actions you need to take when taking off, putting on and discarding gloves to avoid the spread of whatever germs or other substances may be on your gloves.

3. Aprons

Another valuable essential precaution is wearing aprons. This mainly applies to those who are in the kitchen industry, but it can also apply to those in hotel food and hospitality services. Aprons protect because they act as a barrier between dangerous substances and your body. 

Aprons can be very beneficial when it comes to protecting yourself, your customers and your employees. Aside from preventing the spread of bacteria, aprons are also valuable to your safety. If you’re surrounded by high-temperature liquids and harsh chemicals that could harm your skin and clothing, you must be protected. Aprons can protect you from both germs and dangerous spills that can occur. 

There are several different types of aprons that are all used in different situations, workplaces and environments. Some aprons provide more coverage, while others offer less protection, but are still useful. Full-coverage aprons are helpful in kitchens and maid services since these tasks often involve the use of hot liquids or harsh chemicals. Meanwhile, wait staff and other support personnel can wear aprons that tie around the waist to hold important items like pens, notepads and other items that don’t fit into their pockets. 

4. Sanitation Equipment

Having proper sanitation equipment is another important essential in your hotel environment. It is very important that you consistently clean, sanitize, and ensure that all products and equipment are being properly treated. Below is a list of some important ways to stay sanitized and ensure that you are offering and using the proper sanitation equipment:

  • Sanitizer stations: Hand sanitizer stations are a common form of sanitation equipment used in many places. Providing hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hotel is valuable for both hotel workers’ safety and so customers can quickly sanitize their hands before and after touching something. 
  • Sanitation duties: Performing sanitization duties in each hotel room after a guest leaves is another form of sanitizing. Deep cleaning each hotel room after use can prevent the spread of illnesses and protect each new guest. 
  • PPE: Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for all hotel staff can help keep them safe and ensure the business runs smoothly. Providing gloves and face masks to your customer in a dispenser or in a station is also valuable to ensure that your customers take the proper precautions when it comes to the health and safety of everyone. 
  • Wipe stations: Having disinfectant wipe stations available for both employees and customers is also another valuable tip. Keeping these sanitization stations can be important for disinfecting surfaces and encouraging others to do the same.

5. Proper Signage

The final essential piece of health and safety gear is proper signage. It is very valuable to both employees and customers that there is proper signage throughout the hotel. This signage can be a variety of different things, including “wet floor” signs for when the floor is wet or slippery and directional signs to ensure foot traffic moves safely through the space. These signs can create a safer environment for employees and guests. 

Another important thing that may need signs is “mandatory masks” or “social distancing” signs. This ensures that everyone practices these protocols and takes the correct precautions in this environment. It is very important to include proper signage, especially in places where you can get injured or ill. Providing these proper signs is a step in the right direction when it comes to hotel health and safety. 

Keep Your Hotel Safe with SUNLINE Supply

Keep Your Hotel Safe with SUNLINE Supply 

Keep your hotel safe with these five essential pieces of health and safety gear for hotels. SUNLINE Supply is a company that is dedicated to ensuring health and safety throughout all industries, including hotel services. We offer several different health and safety products and services for your needs. Whether you are looking for gloves, masks, or disinfectant wipes, SUNLINE Supply can help you. Contact SUNLINE Supply today for more information or any questions on providing health and safety in your hotel environment. 

Ryen Neuman - Vice President of Business Development