Healthcare facilities across the country use disposable medical gowns to protect employees from contracting diseases through contact with infected patients. PPE gowns can also prevent wearers from transferring contagious pathogens that could put patients at risk. As a result, PPE gowns play a crucial role in infection control and should always be included in a hospital’s workplace safety strategy.

Types of Medical Gowns

PPE gowns encompass a range of different gowns used in the medical industry as well as the industrial and construction fields. Any worker who handles potentially dangerous material — such as bodily fluids or toxic waste — should wear personal protective equipment in the form of a durable, fluid-resistant gown. In a healthcare setting, popular types of medical gowns include isolation gowns in various AAMI levels, sterile surgical gowns and medical protective isolation suits. All of our medical gowns are FDA-certified.

AAMI Levels of Surgical Gowns

AAMI standards determine a gown’s liquid barrier performance capabilities. Each gown is rated for a different level of protection, depending on its fluid protection in a critical zone. When referring to surgical gowns, critical zones refer to the areas most likely to come into contact with potentially hazardous material. This zone typically includes the sleeves and front of the gown.

SUNLINE Supply carries PPE gowns in four AAMI levels:

  • Level 1: As the lowest fluid barrier protection rating, Level 1 gowns should be used in minimal risk situations, such as basic care in a standard medical setting or as a cover gown for hospital visitors.
  • Level 2: Level 2 gowns offer minimal to low fluid barrier protection, ideal for low risk situations. This may include completing low-fluid, minimally invasive surgical procedures such as blood draws or suturing. Level 2 gowns are commonly used in the ICU or pathology lab.
  • Level 3: Offering moderate fluid barrier protection, Level 3 gowns are commonly worn in various surgical procedures and settings, including the emergency room or during trauma cases.
  • Level 4: As the highest level of protective gown, Level 4 medical gowns are the only ones tested for viral penetration impermeability. In order to gain the AAMI Level 4 rating, gowns must be able to create an effective blood barrier, as well as a viral barrier. These gowns are ideal for particularly high-risk medical settings with a risk of viral contamination.

How Are Surgical Gowns Tested?

Before being approved for surgical use, PPE gowns are put to the test. Organizations such as ASTM International conduct numerous standard tests to ensure gowns can offer adequate protection. These tests typically assess the gown’s ability to provide a fluid and bloodborne bacteria barrier, as well as its level of fluid resistance, abrasion resistance, flammability and burn rate.

Through these tests, the industry can determine whether the gown is a reliable and effective form of PPE. Due to these thorough tests, companies using PPE apparel can count on their equipment to complete the task at hand and offer thorough protection to the wearers.

Features and Benefits of PPE Gowns

Quality medical PPE, including disposable safety gowns, has long been a critical requirement in the healthcare field. Other industries — such as oil and gas and construction — also require various forms of PPE to stay safe. PPE gowns protect both workers and patients or customers from numerous hazards, from bloodborne pathogens to respiratory droplets.

PPE gowns include various features designed to improve durability and fluid resistance. These features vary depending on the specific gown at hand, but generally include:

  • Non-woven one-piece design for a clean, seamless finish
  • Tear resistance and flame retardance
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric to keep the wearer comfortable during use
  • Fabric capable of resisting fluid, alcohol, blood and static
  • Elastic cuffs for superior security

These features offer several distinct benefits to wearers. PPE gowns can provide:

  • Protection for the skin against contact with contaminated surfaces and hazardous materials.
  • Safety and improved health for staff, employees, patients and visitors.
  • Comfort and peace of mind for workers operating in potentially hazardous environments.
  • Security for employers who need to abide by workplace safety standards.

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