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Quality Medical Face Shields and Goggles

During the novel coronavirus pandemic, everyone is looking for ways to be safer. Face shields are gaining popularity across multiple industries as businesses reopen and life adjusts to the new normal. In addition, more people are wearing layers of personal protective equipment (PPE) at work.

If you want to improve the safety measures you have in place, we can help. At SUNLINE Supply, we carry face shields and protective eye goggles that help keep vulnerable facial areas protected. We have excellent rates on bulk orders with rapid shipping across the country.

Face Shields

Our disposable face shields are FDA and CE certified. These shields use comfortable, adjustable elastic headbands for a secure fit. The design keeps the visor away from the face, leaving enough room for a face mask and goggles underneath. We offer:

  • Medical face shields: We have clear Face Shields made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) — an incredibly lightweight and shatterproof transparent plastic material. This PPE provides full-face protection. Users can flip them up or down for added convenience.
  • Direct-splash face shields: These comfortable face shields have an anti-fog coating on the front and inside to ensure constant visibility after hours of continuous wear. If users need to take a break or change their mask, these face shields rotate 180 degrees.

Protective Goggles

Our protective safety goggles fit over prescription glasses to create a complete shield for the eyes. This eyewear features a soft, clear plastic body that creates an ergonomic seal around the eyes. A wide, adjustable, highly elastic headband fits virtually any head comfortably.

Why Use Face Shields and Goggles to Protect Against COVID-19 and Other Hazards?

Face shields are essential PPE for any hospital, healthcare facility or other businesses where staff members could come into direct patient contact. They also provide advantages for companies and other entities looking for extra protection during a pandemic or from other airborne hazards.

The CDC attributes the spread of COVID-19 to person-to-person contact — specifically the respiratory droplets generated when someone infected with the disease sneezes, talks or coughs. If droplets containing pathogens like the coronavirus get into someone’s eyes, ears, nose or mouth, they face a severe risk of coming down with the illness.

At SUNLINE Supply, we have quality medical face shields that you can use to help create and maintain a Healthier Workspace™. These FDA-approved face shields and goggles provide reliable protection against droplets for the face, eyes, nose and exposed mucus membranes. They also protect against a variety of liquid splashes and sprays.

What to Look for When Buying Medical Face Shields and Goggles

Whether you plan to buy face shields for your coronavirus response or protection from other workplace hazards, there are a few things you need to consider. Face shields are an alternative to goggles and a reliable secondary barrier of protection. To get the full protection from the aerosol droplets linked to the spread of COVID-19, users should also wear an FDA-approved face mask.

The CDC produces written guidelines that you can use to determine whether face shields and goggles qualify as adequate PPE:

  • Face shields: Face shields must extend to cover the forehead, reach below the chin and wrap to cover each side of the face.
  • Protective goggles: Goggles need to provide a secure fit, have enough room for glasses, have indirect venting and include anti-fog lenses.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Bulk Face Shields and Protective Goggles?

We are an FDA-approved distributor of quality PPE, including face shields disposable gloves and protective goggles that meet the CDC requirements and European CE standard. We have over 90 years of experience working in global logistics. We use our expertise to manage an efficient international network of manufacturers to provide fast delivery of quality products.

We make it easy to order all the medical face shields you need to outfit your entire workforce and keep them protected. Our online store is open 24/7, and you can reach out to our team for help building a custom order that meets your specific needs.

When you buy face shields in bulk from SUNLINE Supply, you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality PPE. We maintain strong relationships with all of our suppliers and ensure all products meet our uncompromising quality standards. If you need a custom order or bulk quantity, we can get your order made and delivered within a rapid timeframe.

Buy Your Protective Goggles and Medical Face Shields in Bulk

SUNLINE Supply is your trusted source to buy medical face shields, goggles and other high-quality PPE. Our rates are competitive, and we offer expedited shipping on bulk orders. Contact us today to request a quote or call (866) 217-7920.