Direct Splash Disposable Face Shields – (Carton of 500 Face Shields – $.99/shield)

$495.00 / box of 500 masks ($.99 per shield)

  • $495/box
  • $.99/shield
  • 500 face shields/box



  • CE certified
  • Direct Splash Protection shield comes with an anti-fog coating on both the inside and outside of the shield providing clear, direct and peripheral vision in all conditions
  • PET shield provides a clear vision without dizziness
  • Anti-Droplets, anti-virus, anti-fog, anti-spray
  • 180° adjustable according to your need
  • Disposable shield, more environmentally-friendly
  • Headband can be sterilized by disinfectant and re-used

Why Stock Up on Direct Splash Face Shields?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to increased demand for disposable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) face shields, particularly within the medical field. These shields are typically comprised of a curved plastic plate held in place over the wearer’s face by an adjustable head strap. When worn in conjunction with other PPE, like face masks and disposable gloves, a direct splash face shield can enhance the wearer’s protection and safety.

Browse SUNLINE Supply’s selection of disposable face shields to learn more about outfitting your facility.

Features of Disposable PET Face Shields

Face shields are one way to help reduce the transmission of contagious diseases like COVID-19. PET shields are designed to minimize the distance aerosols can travel after an infected person sneezes or coughs. By forming a tangible plastic barrier, PET shields effectively block large particulates from entering the wearer’s eyes, nose and mouth. Wearing a face shield also reduces the risk of making hand-to-face contact.

SUNLINE Supply’s face shields include numerous quality features:

  • Full-face protection: PET shields protect the wearer’s entire face, including the eyes, from coming into contact with germs. Designed to defend against droplets, viruses, fog and spray, our direct splash face shields provide comprehensive coverage in a medical environment.
  • Clear vision: Thanks to the product’s double-sided anti-fogging properties, wearers can experience clear vision throughout the day.
  • Adjustable fit: Each shield is capable of adjusting up to 180 degrees for a comfortable fit.
  • Environmentally friendly design: Our PET shields can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, or sterilized and reused as needed.

The Benefits of Partnering With SUNLINE Supply

SUNLINE Supply has the resources you need to ensure your work environment is doing everything possible to minimize the risk of health hazards. Our line of medical PPE and other supplies, including PET face shields and various types of face masks, can keep your staff safe from head to toe. As an FDA-approved company, SUNLINE Supply carries only the highest quality equipment in the industry.

With more than 90 years of experience in global distribution, we’ve built a reputation for impeccable quality and reliable bulk distribution. Our flexibility and competitive rates ensure that customers can meet both timeline and budget goals. If any issues arise, we have an international logistics team ready to ensure your order arrives in a safe and timely fashion.

Buy PET Face Shields in Bulk Today

Stock up on vital PPE to ensure your facility is optimizing its health and safety measures. SUNLINE Supply offers various PET face shields for sale at affordable prices and with bulk shipping availability. Request your bulk order today or contact us with any questions!

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Weight 41.44 lbs
Dimensions 28.00 × 20.00 × 24.00 in
Sunline Supply
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Goretti C.
Goretti C.
15:22 01 Dec 22
I have ordered COVID19 antigen tests from Sunline in bulk for our company and have been very satisfied. The orders came in a timely basis, especially in January 2022 (my first order with Sunline) when there seemed to be a shortage and then recently. I have continued to order and have been completely satisfied each and every time! If you need to order in bulk - use SUNLINE!
John W.
John W.
02:23 30 Nov 22
Great service and quick turnaround on our COVID test kits, despite our staff "losing" the first shipment--later found. Very responsive and will use this company again.
Nikolay Y.
Nikolay Y.
15:36 29 Nov 22
Got what i paid for and delivered within a week.
thanh S.
thanh S.
21:24 23 Nov 22
Very good quality
John T.
John T.
17:31 15 Nov 22
Good price, excellent service, delivered quickly and perfectly
Jeanne N.
Jeanne N.
21:30 03 Nov 22
Got my COVID tests timely and for a reasonable price!
Jim Ricks W.
Jim Ricks W.
20:44 03 Nov 22
Best price, and pretty fast. Wish the tracking was more informative.
David B.
David B.
18:04 03 Nov 22
They have product available and a reasonable price and shipping promptlyBuy buy buy from them
James K F.
James K F.
16:43 03 Nov 22
Very easy to work with even when things got crazy on my end, they helped out tremendously
Katelyn B.
Katelyn B.
16:26 03 Nov 22
Fast shipping, great customer support and prices! Definitely a go-to!
Sarah R.
Sarah R.
17:28 13 Oct 22
items came quickly and correctly. Thanks!
Holly L.
Holly L.
15:17 13 Oct 22
Working with their team was easy and professional. They made every effort to support our payment process AND shipped quickly.
Rose F.
Rose F.
14:56 13 Oct 22
Highly recommend this company. Within a week my order came and the ordering process is easy. We will use them again.
David R.
David R.
18:36 12 Oct 22
Excellent service, really cares about there customers.

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