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Disposable gloves are key pieces of protective equipment across many industries that offer benefits in specific applications. To help you identify when vinyl gloves may be your best option, we will explain what vinyl gloves are, what they are made from, how you can use them and their benefits.

What Are Vinyl Gloves and What Are Vinyl Gloves Made From?

Vinyl gloves are disposable gloves that can serve as a form of personal protective equipment (PPE). Vinyl is a synthetic, protein-free and non-bio-degradable material manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and plasticizers. The plasticizer that the PVC is mixed with makes the resulting vinyl gloves more flexible and wearable.

Vinyl is very inexpensive to produce, which means bulk vinyl gloves are inexpensive to buy. Their low price makes disposable vinyl gloves an attractive PPE option. Thanks to their synthetic nature, vinyl gloves, have a longer shelf life than many other types of disposable gloves, which can begin to break down as time goes on.

Like latex gloves, vinyl gloves are available in a variety of thicknesses and powdered or non-powdered options. Disposable vinyl gloves are a great alternative for those with a latex allergy because vinyl is a latex-free synthetic material. Vinyl gloves are also a suitable protective glove choice for those with other material allergies or sensitivities because they do not contain chemical accelerators like nitrile gloves do.

What Are Vinyl Gloves Used For?

Although vinyl gloves are a great PPE alternative for those with sensitive skin or certain material allergies, they offer minimal protection from chemicals and microorganisms. Vinyl gloves are also less form-fitting than latex or nitrile gloves, which means they can restrict the wearer’s dexterity. Because of these limitations, vinyl gloves are best suited for handling non-hazardous materials that require product protection without much flexibility or tactile precision.

While there is a wide scope of use for disposable vinyl gloves, they are an especially popular choice within the food service industry, which deals with little to no contaminants. Vinyl gloves’ ability to protect against liquids and oily substances allows them to keep cross-contamination to a minimum. The anti-static quality of vinyl gloves also makes them ideal for working with cords and wires.

Vinyl gloves may be an ideal choice for these applications:

  • Food preparation: Vinyl gloves are a cost-effective choice within the food service industry, which often requires regular removal and disposal of gloves for those in customer-facing roles. In particular, vinyl gloves can help prevent cross-contamination as well as protect the food as its being prepared.
  • Janitorial and cleaning: Vinyl gloves can help prevent contamination when performing low-risk cleaning tasks that do not involve using hazardous materials or strong chemicals.
  • Hairstyling and beauty services: Whenever protection from potential discoloration due to nail polish or hair dyes is needed, vinyl gloves are a perfect choice. Disposable vinyl gloves offer adequate protection while being inexpensive and easy to put on and take off. Shop vinyl gloves for beauty industry applications!
  • Healthcare tasks: To be considered medical grade and approved for use in environments with biological hazards, vinyl gloves must pass higher quality standards. If these standards are met, the vinyl medical gloves can be used for exams, testing and other procedures. Vinyl examination gloves can help protect healthcare employees from pathogens while preventing the spread of illness.
  • Laboratory work: Vinyl gloves can protect lab workers from exposure to chemicals when working with biological samples or performing an experiment.

Benefits of Vinyl Gloves

One of the main benefits of vinyl gloves is that they are latex-free and free of chemical accelerators. This means vinyl gloves can protect people from a range of allergic reactions, such as inflammation, skin irritation, rashes, cold-like symptoms, blisters and in severe cases, anaphylactic shock. Latex gloves and nitrile gloves cannot offer these protections.

While vinyl gloves may be less durable than other types of gloves, they are typically far less expensive than other disposable gloves on the market. This cost-effectiveness makes vinyl gloves ideal for low-risk duties that involve frequent, short-term use.

The loose fit of vinyl gloves also makes them the preferred option for those in roles that require the quick application and removal of protective gloves. Disposable vinyl gloves fit well on the majority of people’s hands and provide more agility so tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently.

SUNLINE Supply Options for Vinyl Gloves

SUNLINE Supply offers FDA-approved, non-toxic and non-sterile disposable vinyl gloves in a variety of sizes. Vinyl gloves from SUNLINE Supply are strong, durable and meet the FDA standards for food contact. Our vinyl gloves are manufactured from PCV, which means they have a latex-like fit and feel while being completely latex-free.

SUNLINE Supply vinyl gloves are powder-free, so you don’t have to worry about extraneous residue. Our disposable vinyl gloves are also free of the chemical compounds DOP and DEHP, making them suitable for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. While these synthetic vinyl gloves are treated to be non-toxic, they do not have a peculiar smell.

Disposable vinyl gloves from SUNLINE Supply come in blue and are from high-quality vendors such as CoreStar, Synmax and Safeko. Each vinyl glove is designed to perfectly fit the human hand shape and be ambidextrous, which means any glove can fit on either hand. The snug fit of our vinyl gloves improves touch sensitivity and tactile precision for the wearer.

Because our vinyl gloves are high-quality, they are suitable for an array of applications. You can use SUNLINE Supply vinyl gloves across numerous industries, including food processing and service, office cleaning, hospitality, general industry and more. Our vinyl exam gloves can also be used in healthcare settings for medical purposes.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Vinyl Gloves in Bulk?

Disposable vinyl gloves are useful for so many applications that it can be easy to use all your vinyl gloves before realizing it. To avoid getting stuck without the proper protective gloves, order your vinyl gloves in bulk so you always have some on hand.

If you need FDA-approved disposable vinyl gloves that you can depend on, SUNLINE Supply is your wholesale vinyl gloves provider. At SUNLINE Supply, we make shopping in bulk a breeze by offering high-quality products, competitive bulk pricing and exceptional customer service.

Order Bulk Vinyl Gloves From SUNLINE Supply

For premium disposable vinyl gloves, place your bulk order with SUNLINE Supply. We will help you create a PPE bulk order of all the essentials your company needs to operate safely and efficiently. Check out our wholesale vinyl gloves to get started today.