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Disposable Food Service Gloves for Sale

Food Service Gloves

In the food service industry, you rely on disposable gloves to ensure you’re delivering safe, sanitary and delicious food to your customers. The FDA’s Food Code designates disposable gloves as a utensil that can be used to help reduce the spread of disease-causing organisms when prepping and handling food. Once the food is “ready to eat,” the Food Code states that it cannot be touched with bare hands. Single-use gloves or another dispensing utensil must be used.

SUNLINE Supply is proud to supply restaurants and other foodservice businesses with disposable gloves to help keep your customers safe as you prep and handle food.

Uses of Disposable Gloves in Food Prep and Handling

Single-use disposable gloves are an essential tool in keeping the food in commercial kitchens safe for consumption. More than two decades ago, the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods found that handling foods with bare hands contributed to the transmission of foodborne illness. Besides handwashing, their recommendation was to minimize bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food.

Disposable gloves interrupt the transmission of foodborne pathogens and help control cross-contamination. Wearing gloves also creates a protective barrier between bacteria on an employee’s hand and the food they’re working with.

Food service employees must follow the correct protocol when wearing gloves, including thorough hand washing before putting on gloves and frequently changing gloves. Here are a few examples of when to change your disposable food service gloves:

  • At least every four hours.
  • When changing to a different food task.
  • If gloves are ripped, torn or damaged.
  • If gloves are soiled or contaminated.
  • After handling raw meat, seafood or poultry.
  • Before handling ready-to-eat food.

Best Types of Disposable Gloves for Food Service

At SUNLINE Supply, we offer several types of highly rated gloves perfect for the food service industry. We partner with leading vendors to ensure we have the right supplies for your kitchen’s needs. Our gloves are ambidextrous and feature straight fingers. They also have a long shelf life so you can buy in bulk and stock up on these kitchen essentials.

As an FDA-certified company, the health and safety of your customers is our utmost concern. We offer several types of food service gloves so you can find the perfect product for your business:

  • TPE gloves: Lightweight thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are a great option for lighter-duty tasks, such as assembling sandwiches or tossing salads. They feature a highly breathable, loose-fitting design that can be quickly and easily removed and replaced when switching to a new task.
  • Vinyl gloves: Vinyl gloves can protect hands against minor irritants and are a great option for messy food prep tasks, such as sticky cake batter or egg whites.
  • Nitrile glovesNitrile gloves offer incredible durability for more rigorous food service jobs. The snug fit ensures they won’t fall off, even when chopping onions or kneading dough. They also offer tactile sensitivity for delicate food prep tasks.

Why Are Disposable Gloves Necessary in Food Service?

When you work in the food industry, your customers’ health is often in your hands. Taking measures to protect them from bacteria and other contaminants is critical. Disposable gloves will help your staff ensure the food they prepare is safe to eat, which protects customers while preventing regulatory violations.

Foodborne illness transmission is far more likely without gloves or if the gloves are unsanitary. Because of this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires food industry workers to use hygienic practices, including keeping gloves in sanitary condition and replacing them if they become contaminated or damaged. Many states set laws against food contact with bare hands. Disposable gloves make it easy to avoid barehanded food preparation and feasible to change gloves frequently.

How Often Should I Restock Gloves?

How frequently you restock disposable food prep gloves depends on the size of your business, but even a small bustling kitchen will go through numerous pairs daily. Gloves can quickly become contaminated, and even the strongest disposable gloves will occasionally break. Your staff needs a large supply of gloves to follow the safest practices, and SUNLINE Supply can help.

When you choose SUNLINE Supply, you can restock gloves according to your business’s needs. We’re able to provide fast shipments on a regular basis so that you always replenish your supply before you run out. Plus, many of our gloves will last for years in the box, meaning you can fill your supply room with as many boxes as you can fit and trust the gloves will work fine.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Food Handling and Prep Gloves?

When you need gloves that are safe for use with food, count on SUNLINE Supply. We carry only the highest-rated PPE in the industry from manufacturers we know and trust. Our manufacturers produce FDA-certified gloves that will help you meet all food service industry requirements. We have numerous styles, sizes and colors to satisfy your business’s needs.

We also offer unparalleled options and availability, including rapid production and order fulfillment no matter the size of your order. Our food service gloves are available in bulk and ready to ship when you need them. Plus, our competitive prices ensure greater affordability.

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