Best Puncture-Resistant Gloves

Many industries have workers tackling tasks where they may encounter sharp objects. In clinical settings, for example, healthcare professionals may come into contact with needles and syringes. In industrial environments, workers may be at risk from sharp edges in heavy machinery. Buying the best puncture-resistant gloves keeps at-risk workers safer on the job.

What to Look for When Buying Puncture-Resistant Gloves

When buying puncture-resistant gloves, consider how much protection you need and then look at the ANSI rating, developed by the American National Standards Institute. ANSI 5, the highest rating, will protect the wearer from over 150 newtons of penetrating force. 

Best Puncture-Resistant Gloves

The best needle-proof gloves include:

  • Nitrile disposable gloves: Nitrile synthetic rubber is three times more puncture-resistant compared to latex, which is one reason why nitrile disposable gloves are so popular in medical, industrial and other workplaces.
  • Kevlar gloves: Made from a synthetic material, these gloves offer good protection from sharp objects.
  • Spectra gloves: These products are made from polyethylene and have an ANSI rating of up to A5.
  • Dyneema gloves: The material of these gloves is 15 times stronger than steel.
  • Metal mesh gloves: These protective gloves are often used in industrial settings and are not disposable.

Other Important Factors to Consider

While choosing gloves with an appropriate ANSI rating is important, there are other factors involved. Every job need is unique, so you may also want to assess:

  • Additional risks: If your workers are exposed to chemicals, heat or other potentially dangerous elements, you may need gloves that offer protection from these hazards, too.
  • Fit and grip: Poor fit and grip can impede a worker’s ability to do their job, which is why flexible nitrile gloves are so popular in workplaces. 
  • Skin irritation: For long-term use, latex-free gloves can reduce the risk of allergies. Powder-free gloves can also be better for sensitive skin by exposing the wearer to fewer irritants. 
  • Comfort: For workers who will be wearing gloves for a long time, it’s important to balance protection and comfort. While ANSI 5 gloves offer excellent protection, they can also be thick and heavy, making it hard to wear them for an entire shift.
  • Industry requirements: Some industries have specific safety regulations. For example, depending on hospital policies and other rules, puncture-resistant medical gloves may also need to be chemo-rated or 510(k)-certified for some applications.

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