Bulk Nitrile Gloves

  • Price depending on brand, order size, and terms
  • Minimum order for gloves – 1 case (10 boxes)
  • 100 gloves/box
  • 10 boxes/case
  • Non-sterile
  • Powder-free
  • Latex-free
  • Nitrile rubber is more resistant than natural rubber to chemicals, oils and acids, and has superior strength
  • Nitrile disposable gloves are three times more puncture-resistant than latex, and are more chemical resistant than latex or vinyl
  • Good for wearing for an extended period of time
  • Have a longer shelf life than latex or vinyl gloves
  • Nitrile is made from an allergy safe compound that feels similar to latex, but is stronger, less expensive, and more comfortable to wear.
  • Have a high level of touch sensitivity
  • Standard colors include blue, white, black
  • Sizes available in S, M, L, XL

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Our Process

We are vigilant about selecting only the top manufacturers for our gloves. All our gloves are sourced from high-quality, FDA and CE certified, expertly-vetted vendors. We require all our vendors to complete a thorough pre-shipment inspection with corresponding documentation, and always have our staff present to manage and oversee the process. Proof of glove quality, manufacturing standards, proper product loading and documentation (see sample Bill of Lading and AQI Reports) are extremely important in glove facilitation.

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Common Applications for Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Nitrile gloves are worn to avoid contact with patients, contaminated surfaces and dangerous substances. This disposable PPE provides the wearer with waterproof and puncture-resistant hand protection that is easy to put on, comfortable to wear and simple to remove — all without risking cross-contamination. In industrial and commercial settings, OSHA recommends wearing nitrile gloves as part of EPA Level A, B, C and D protective wear. This typically includes any time when employees handle, use or risk potential exposure to dangerous substances. Chemicals, pesticides, petroleum products and commercial cleaning agents are all common hazards. Nitrile gloves also play a prominent role in the medical community. These gloves are standard wear in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, as recommended by the CDC. Doctors, nurses and staff often wear them for a two-way contact barrier when evaluating patients, handling biological material or disposing of medical waste.

Nitrile Medical Gloves Made for Extended Wear

At SUNLINE Supply, we offer high-quality nitrile gloves suited for use in any workplace, including the commercial, industrial and healthcare industries. These gloves are entirely latex-free, making them suitable for employees allergic to latex. We carry them in multiple sizes and each conforms to the hand’s shape, making them more comfortable and encouraging wear. Our nitrile gloves feature a micro-roughened surface. This surface is smooth to the touch but makes it easy to maintain a firm grip on tools, equipment and products — even in wet, slick and oily conditions. It also allows for superior touch-sensitivity, making it simple to perform complex tasks with excellent precision while enjoying dependable protection. We’ve partnered with multiple vendors to ensure we always have the supplies you need. All the gloves we offer are ambidextrous, feature straight fingers and are powder-free. They have a long shelf life and are available in bulk so you can stock up. Colors vary between blue and purple, depending on preference.

Why Buy Nitrile Gloves From SUNLINE Supply?

When you buy nitrile gloves through SUNLINE Supply, you know you’re getting quality products. We source our inventory from manufacturers that we know and trust. Our international team provides ongoing quality control to ensure our medical gloves for sale and the other products we distribute meet industry standards and exceed your expectations. At SUNLINE Supply, you get options and availability. Our selection of nitrile medical gloves includes products in all sizes. We keep a massive amount of FDA-certified PPE on-hand and ready to ship. If you need extra, we offer rapid production and order fulfillment in any volume to fulfill orders of any size quickly and reliably.

Buy Nitrile Gloves in Bulk for Your Business

SUNLINE Supply is your source to buy disposable nitrile gloves in bulk at competitive prices. We are the preferred PPE supplier with an extensive selection of FDA-certified safety apparel, including masks, face shields, gowns and more — all available with fast order turnarounds. We also offer bulk hand sanitizer along with dispensers and personal-sized bottles. To request a quote for a bulk order, send us a message today.

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