Clear Disposable Gloves

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Disposable Clear Nitrile and TPE Gloves

Providing the proper gloves to protect your employees is an important part of creating a safe and effective work environment. At SUNLINE Supply, we offer a variety of gloves in different materials, colors and sizes to help you select the best option for your intended use. Clear disposable gloves are ideal for applications across industries, including food service, healthcare and housekeeping.

How Are Disposable Clear Nitrile and TPE Gloves Used?

Clear disposable gloves allow employees to know exactly what’s on their hands so that they can easily determine when it’s time to change gloves. Other gloves may offer contrast to show contaminants, but their colors may prevent wearers from seeing everything that’s present. Clear gloves have little or no color of their own, so you can see everything.

The ability to quickly spot potential contaminants is essential in applications where any outside elements could interfere with the outcome of an experiment or pose a risk for consumers. Clear gloves are often used in a laboratory cleanroom setting where identifying contaminants is especially vital.

Clear medical gloves may be used as an option to soothe anxious patients. While blue gloves are more standard for medical facilities, clear examination gloves are far less clinical and could comfort those who are uneasy in medical settings.

In all industries, color-coding gloves to indicate specific uses or characteristics is a common practice. For example, a restaurant may require staff to use blue gloves for handling raw meat and clear gloves for handling fruits and vegetables. If an employee is spotted using blue gloves to handle a vegetable, there may be a cross-contamination risk.

Options Available for Clear Disposable Gloves

At SUNLINE Supply, we offer clear disposable gloves in different materials to meet your needs. All of our gloves are powder-free and latex-free to avoid the risk of allergic reactions or problems with powder contamination.

Clear Vinyl Gloves

Clear vinyl gloves are a popular option for use in food service, hospitality, cosmetology and other industries. These gloves provide employees with protection from non-hazardous materials. Our vinyl gloves are constructed from polyvinyl chloride material, which gives them a comfortable fit and feel for exceptional usability.

Clear Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves offer puncture resistance and durability. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber material that is comfortable for extended wear. Our nitrile gloves are tested in compliance with ASTM D6978-05 standards to ensure their resistance to hazardous chemicals like those used in chemotherapy treatment.

Clear TPE Gloves

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are an inexpensive option for providing waterproof protection for your employees. These gloves offer high levels of elasticity for the most comfortable fit. TPE gloves are ideal for food service, clinical settings, health and beauty services, and janitorial use. Shop clear TPE gloves!

Why Trust SUNLINE Supply for Clear Nitrile, Vinyl and TPE Gloves?

At SUNLINE Supply, we work hard to ensure you get the best products available at a competitive price. We have teams in the U.S. and internationally who work around-the-clock to perform facility inspections and stringent quality control. We keep our domestic warehouses stocked with plenty of clear nitrile, vinyl, and TPE gloves so we can meet your needs at any time. Many products are available for bulk purchasing with immediate shipping.

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