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Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gloves are a crucial supply for many industries. While it’s widely known that gloves serve as a critical form of protection for both workers and consumers, many are uncertain about the differences between types of disposable gloves, such as TPE gloves.

Knowing the best type of gloves for your industry is key to running a successful company. To help you understand which type of gloves are right for your business, learn what TPE gloves are and what sets them apart from other gloves below. You can then determine where to buy TPE gloves and how you could use them in your industry.

What Are TPE Gloves and What Is TPE Material?

Thermoplastic elastomer gloves are comfortable and disposable gloves designed to keep the wearer protected while working in their respective industry. Specifically, TPE gloves are an essential form of personal protective equipment (PPE) for keeping workers safe throughout everyday tasks. Because TPE gloves are non-toxic, eco-friendly, food-safe and hygienic, they’re suitable for a wide variety of activities from clinical use and food handling to hair and beauty applications.

What Are TPE Gloves Made From?

The thermoplastic elastomer material used to manufacture TPE gloves comes from a family of rubber-like materials that combines the qualities of rubber with the processing advantages and recyclability of plastics. TPE, in particular, is latex-free and powder-free, which makes it a great material for non-toxic elastic gloves. TPE can be easily molded when heated and has the same elasticity as rubber, making it easy to manufacture well-fitting and effective TPE gloves.

How Do TPE Gloves Differ From CPE and PE Gloves?

When it comes to purchasing PPE, you have numerous types of disposable gloves to choose from. To help make your decision simpler, consider the difference between TPE gloves and PE gloves, as well as TPE versus CPE gloves.

PE Gloves

PE stands for polyethylene, which is a lightweight and durable thermoplastic material. PE gloves tend to be popular because they are the cheapest option on the market. The low price of PE gloves is due to the material’s ability to be blown extremely thin, reducing the overall cost of the gloves. Because PE gloves are usually manufactured with food-safe plastic resin material, they’re most commonly used by fast-food restaurants and other businesses within the food industry.

CPE Gloves

CPE gloves were invented to serve as a more durable latex-free disposable glove option for the food service and food processing industries. CPE gloves typically fit the hands well, and a worker can wear them for an entire day without breaking their PPE, which is a feat PE gloves cannot accomplish. CPE gloves are strong and long-lasting, and they weigh more in grams than TPE gloves.

TPE Gloves

TPE gloves are the next step up from CPE gloves because they are incredibly durable while still being lightweight. Most TPE gloves are even stronger than CPE gloves without feeling bulky or cumbersome, making them preferable to both PE and CPE gloves. Food factories typically favor TPE gloves because they combine strength and comfort.

Uses of TPE Gloves

Due to their versatility, TPE gloves various industries can use them for a vast array of applications. For many activities, TPE gloves can be used as lightweight protection instead of nitrile or vinyl gloves. Using TPE gloves for everyday single-use situations allows companies to conserve their supply of heavier nitrile and vinyl gloves.

Here are a few of the most common uses of TPE gloves:

  • Food service: As a non-toxic, lightweight and inexpensive PPE option, TPE gloves are perfect for food service and food preparation. TPE products are also Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved for food contact, making TPE gloves an essential component of a sanitary kitchen. Purchasing various TPE glove colors can also help food-based businesses avoid cross-contamination by designating each color for a specific food group.
  • Medical: TPE gloves can be suitable for medical purposes, such as performing examinations. Because they are flexible and affordable, TPE gloves are ideal for one-time medical uses before disposal. The comfort of TPE gloves can also help medical personnel exercise more dexterity.
  • Industrial: Industrial workers frequently wear TPE gloves because they offer excellent barrier protection. The durability, comfort and low cost of TPE gloves make them a go-to choice for employees in low mechanical risk environments.
  • Cleaning: The broad-spectrum chemical resistance of TPE gloves makes them suitable to wear when housekeeping or handling cleaning products. TPE gloves can help protect wearers when cleaning a variety of settings, from homes to retail spaces. TPE gloves can also guard the hands of those in the painting or beauty industries from harmful chemicals.

Features and Benefits of TPE Gloves

Regardless of the industry PPE is being used in, the gear must be able to withstand challenging conditions to provide dependable protection. Many workers must wear their PPE for the majority of the workday, which means their gloves must be comfortable, durable and flexible, as well. TPE gloves meet all these standards and more by including the following features:

  • Light weight: TPE gloves typically weigh less than gloves made from other materials like latex. Due to their lightweight nature, TPE gloves are also more comfortable and affordable than many other types of gloves, such as nitrile or vinyl gloves.
  • High elasticity: TPE gloves manufactured from high-quality thermoplastic elastomer grant more flexibility for a more comfortable fit around both the hand and the fingertips. This ability to stretch and bend also means TPE gloves give their wearers full range of motion while working.
  • Functional benefits: Because TPE gloves are FDA-approved, they’re safe to use for direct contact with food. TPE gloves are also free from latex protein, which means more people can use them without irritating sensitive skin.
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing: TPE gloves are environmentally friendly because they rely on green technology to produce the recyclable plastic they’re composed of.
  • Waterproof design: When working with liquids, wearing TPE gloves can ensure your hands stay clean and free of any harmful residue.

Options for TPE Gloves

Disposable TPE gloves come in a variety of designs. Color options for SUNLINE Supply TPE gloves include clear and black. Purchasing sets of differently colored thermoplastic elastomer gloves allow you to develop a color-coded system for your company to enhance safety practices.

SUNLINE Supply TPE gloves also come in a variety of sizes. You can choose from small, medium, large and extra-large sizes to ensure your PPE fits each member of your staff comfortably. No matter what size you choose, TPE gloves are conveniently unisex and ambidextrous so you won’t have to worry about matching pairs or keeping multiple kinds of gloves in stock.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Bulk TPE Gloves?

SUNLINE Supply is your top source for bulk TPE gloves because we provide high-quality PPE products in a timely manner. We are committed to using only the best materials for our TPE gloves and collaborating with FDA-certified vendors to deliver trustworthy products. We offer our highly rated PPE products in bulk availability for the best prices possible.

Many of our products are also available for immediate shipment and come with short lead times. By taking advantage of our 24/7 sales availability, you could have the TPE gloves your business needs in no time. If you need high-quality wholesale TPE gloves quickly, SUNLINE Supply has you covered.

Order Your TPE Gloves From SUNLINE Supply

Whether your need to quickly stock up on TPE gloves in bulk or are simply trying to find a more affordable supplier, SUNLINE Supply offers the PPE solutions you need. With more than 80 years of experience dealing with PPE, we are fully equipped to provide the solutions you need for your industry.

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