Blue Disposable Gloves

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Blue Nitrile and Vinyl Gloves

The range of colored glove options we see on the market now is a relatively new development in personal protective equipment (PPE). Historically, latex gloves were off-white, nitrile gloves were blue and other options like vinyl gloves and TPE gloves were clear. Today, there are many color options available. These colors have taken on new meanings that allow users to coordinate and complete jobs in style while staying protected.

How Are Disposable Blue Nitrile and Vinyl Gloves Used?

The color blue used to indicate a latex-free glove option for users. As latex has been largely phased out of use due to the prevalence of allergies, this color has taken on new meanings.

Blue gloves are still the preferred option for medical professionals for a number of reasons. Blue medical gloves generally have a lighter blue color that allows users to see dirty spots or contamination and any tears that may occur. The blue color is also soothing and non-threatening to patients who may be intimidated or anxious.

In the medical field and beyond, the practice of layering darker gloves under lighter-colored gloves allows users to easily identify tears that could expose them to hazardous materials. Blue gloves are a great option for a top layer over black or other dark-colored gloves for double-gloving.

Across other applications, blue gloves can be used to indicate specific uses or glove features. This can help keep glove use standardized and prevent cross-contamination. Blue gloves can also be used to coordinate with scrubs and uniforms.

Our Options for Blue Disposable Gloves

At SUNLINE Supply, we offer a variety of blue-colored gloves in different materials to meet your needs and protect your employees.

Blue Vinyl Gloves

Our blue vinyl gloves are made of polyvinyl chloride material, making them feel and fit just like latex without the risk of allergic reactions. They’re intended for use in applications with only non-hazardous materials. Blue vinyl gloves are ideal for food service, food processing, hairdressing and cosmetics, janitorial, non-hazardous healthcare and lab work, hospitality and other general industrial use.

Blue Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are made using a synthetic rubber material that is durable and puncture-resistant. A standard in medical facilities, blue nitrile gloves are popular across industries for their comfortable extended wear. They provide the best possible protection for your employees when handling hazardous materials like blood and other bodily fluids.

Why Choose SUNLINE Supply for Blue Nitrile and Vinyl Gloves?

SUNLINE Supply is dedicated to supplying the PPE you need to keep your employees, staff, customers and patients safe. Our blue nitrile and vinyl gloves are FDA 510K certified, latex-free and powder-free. You can purchase the exact gloves you need in bulk at a competitive price you’ll love. We keep our domestic warehouses stocked, so many items are ready to ship immediately.

To find out more about our options for blue gloves or request a quote for your bulk order, contact us online or give us a call at 866-781-5687.