Boot Covers

  • $.95– $1.35/each (depending on order size and terms)
  • Standard white color
  • Use for daily protection
  • Info kit available upon request

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What Are Boot Covers?

Boot covers are slip-on apparel designed to fit over the soles and sides of your shoes. Our boot covers prevent contact with potentially harmful material on the floor. Quality boot covers should be:

  • Easy to put on and remove.
  • Secured with elastic bands to prevent slipping.
  • Designed for one-time use for maximum cleanliness.
  • Non-slip and sturdy to prevent slips or falls.

The Importance of Disposable Boot Covers

Boot covers are often a staple of medical personal protective equipment, as well as PPE worn by industrial and oil and gas workers. Boot covers help protect you as the wearer as well as coworkers, patients, surroundings and any objects that you come into contact with.

Key benefits of wearing disposable boot covers include:

  • Reduced spread of contamination: Disposable boot covers are easy to remove and throw away after the wearer leaves a potentially contaminated environment. This design helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination and keeps employees from bringing harmful material to other areas of the workplace and beyond.
  • Streamlined efficiency: Since disposable boot covers can be thrown away, employees do not have to stop work to clean or change their dirty footwear.
  • Cleaner shoes: Our durable boot covers provide a protective barrier between shoes and potentially hazardous splashes, sprays and other materials. As a result, your employees can enjoy cleaner footwear.
  • Improved sanitary environment: Boots can track in dirt, debris and potentially harmful substances from outside the workplace, reducing the cleanliness of the work environment. Disposable shoe covers help keep floors clean and clear.

Why Buy Waterproof Boot Covers From SUNLINE Supply?

SUNLINE Supply is an industry leader in premium-quality PPE at cost-effective prices. We’re committed to carrying only the highest-quality products that meet industry safety standards. You can count on us for reliable medical PPE, including boot covers, anti-skid shoe covers, vinyl gloves, face masks, and face shields.

We bring more than 90 years of global distribution experience in meeting our clients’ requirements. We’re well-equipped to supply the vital PPE you need quickly and at a competitive rate. If you have a specific order in mind, call us at (866) 217-7920 and let us know what you need. We’ll help you navigate our selection and create a bulk order to properly outfit your workplace.

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Ready to buy disposable boot covers in bulk? SUNLINE Supply has you covered with our selection of highly-rated PPE. If you need to stock up on boot covers to keep workers and visitors safe, we can have your order ready to ship in no time. Make the most of our vast in-stock selection and around-the-clock sales available when you place your bulk order today.

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