Jay Berkowitz - CEO

Jay Berkowitz, CEO of Sunline Supply
  • CEO
  • Runs the company with his son
  • Has been with company since it started
  • His main focus has been on PPE
  • Helps source products needed as well as come up with some creative ideas

More Information About Jay

Jay Berkowitz has been CEO here at SUNLINE Supply since 2020, being a part of the company since its founding. He currently runs the company alongside his son. Together, their goal is to provide high quality PPE to companies nationwide.

Jay has a team of over 50 employees who are dedicated to meeting the needs of the healthcare, commercial, educational and industrial industries. He also makes sure to partner with trusted manufacturers who pass a strict vetting process. SUNLINE Supply only offers the highest-rated PPE products.

Along with sourcing quality PPE products, Jay is passionate about developing creative ideas that support the well-being of the public. With 24/7 sales availability, he and his team ensure that products will arrive when they are needed most.

Interested in learning more? Check out some of the blog posts below written by Jay that discuss important topics relevant to PPE decision-making and use in the workplace.

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